Seminars and Webinars

Mike Doherty will be facilitating a webinar September 14, 2016, titled “Risk Assessment in the Design Phase.” He will discuss a good electrical safety program by identifying hazards, assessing risks, and implementing the hierarchy of risk control methods. His focus will be on engineering designs, a more forward-looking strategy rather

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e-Hazard warmly welcomes Kevin Holm and Mike Doherty as independent electrical consultants and instructors based in Canada. We are excited that they are joining e-Hazard’s network of trainers. Both men will be teaching classes using e-Hazard materials in conjunction with CSA Z462, Canada’s standard for employee electrical safety. Kevin Holm is

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Common electrical safety mistakesElectric Shock IncidentsPublic Electrical Safety

Recently, a woman in New York City witnessed another woman fall into the energized third rail on subway tracks and receive a shock. Her response was compassionate and instinctive. She jumped down to push the injured woman away from the rail. But when she touched her, she received a shock

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Public Electrical Safety

It seems that the appetite for playing the Pokémon Go app has been overriding common sense and decorum. People have played the game at certain monuments and museums, sparking outcries about their disrespect for the monuments and disregard to visitors. Some of these locations have requested on social media that

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OSHA investigations

A welder was electrocuted this past May while disassembling a live, 480-volt flexible cord. He worked at Homeyer Precision Manufacturing in Marthasville, Missouri. The company was cited for 11 serious and one other-than-serious safety violations. The proposed fines come to $59,000. OSHA’s investigation found Homeyer failed to: Train employees on electrical safe

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NESCStandard News (ASTM)

IEEE & the IEEE Standards Association made two announcements this week: 1) the 2017 National Electrical Safety Code® (NESC) is now published 2) the NESC has a new Chair and Vice Chair. Read here for more details. Several changes can be seen in this update, including revised requirements for substation

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Arc Flash Incidents

Two men were seriously injured in an arc flash event in April 2016. A third worker was injured as well, but returned to the scene to help fire investigators the same day as the accident. The incident occurred at Ware River Power Inc. in Ware, Massachusetts. The cause, as determined

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Arc Flash IncidentsElectrical Safety EducationQ/ASeminars and Webinars

July Webinar On July 20, I talked about the lessons I learned from just a few of the 165 investigations I’ve been a part of since 1995. I also explained why PPE is important, and what you should wear in different situations. I went through arc flash standards to try and

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Press ReleasePublic Electrical SafetyQ/A

“Who is e-Hazard?” “What in the world do they do?” “When I search for e-Hazard online, why does a soccer player come up instead?” Maybe you’ve asked those questions before in one form or another. Maybe you’re here accidentally in your search for something else. Either way, we’re going to answer those

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Arc Flash/Shock SafetyPublic Electrical Safety

Kaneka Dermal Health Risk Assessment (aka acid burn study) is now available free of charge at the Burns Journal web site. You can read the full text here and also download a PDF copy of the study. The purpose of this study was to address the issue as to whether

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