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July Webinar On July 20, I talked about the lessons I learned from just a few of the 165 investigations I’ve been a part of since 1995. I also explained why PPE is important, and what you should wear in different situations. I went through arc flash standards to try and

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Press ReleasePublic Electrical SafetyQ/A

“Who is e-Hazard?” “What in the world do they do?” “When I search for e-Hazard online, why does a soccer player come up instead?” Maybe you’ve asked those questions before in one form or another. Maybe you’re here accidentally in your search for something else. Either way, we’re going to answer those

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Arc Flash/Shock SafetyPublic Electrical Safety

Kaneka Dermal Health Risk Assessment (aka acid burn study) is now available free of charge at the Burns Journal web site. You can read the full text here and also download a PDF copy of the study. The purpose of this study was to address the issue as to whether

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Electrical SafetyOSHA Fines for Electrical SafetyOSHA investigations

A 60-year-old employee was pulled into a rotating shaft of a coal elevator and killed at his workplace in Tonawanda, NY, in January 2016. He was preparing to grease the elevator when his jacket was caught. The elevator was neither shut down nor locked out. OSHA’s inspection determined that Tonawanda Coke

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Arc Flash/Shock SafetyOverhead line incidents

Electrical Workers Seriously Injured Very recently, two PAR Electric employees in Missouri were seriously injured from electric shock as they worked near a 69kV power line. They were holding a pole while a crane was moving into position when a gust of wind blew their pole into the energized line.

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PPE Personal Protective Equipment

Protector gloves have two primary purposes: Mechanical protection for the rubber insulating glove worn underneath. Arc flash protection of the rubber and hands. Historically, ASTM F696 Standard Specification for Leather Protectors for Rubber Insulating Gloves and Mittens has been used for protector gloves.  OSHA requires “protector gloves” be worn for

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Seminars and Webinars

On July 20, I’ll be speaking about several public incidents and pointing out some insights into worker behavior that can help you in developing your company’s PPE and safety training programs. This informational webinar can also help you ask the right questions and look for important evidence during an accident

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Arc Flash Training ArticlesNFPA

The idea of the categories was developed by Dr. Tom Neal at DuPont. He sent me his table and a list of the PPE he had tested which met the four categories. Since I tested for many companies and he had only DuPont data, I validated his findings. We did

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Electrical SafetyOSHA Electrical Safety Interpretations

This OSHA Standard Interpretation for 1910.303(g)(2)(i) was published September 4, 2015.  The Questions Does the electrical guarding requirement at 29 CFR 1910.303(g)(2)(i) apply to voltages below 60 volts DC? Will OSHA treat a failure to guard live parts operating below 60 volts DC as a de minimis violation? The Answers

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PPE Personal Protective Equipment

AGO in Canada developed an FR non-melting insect/bug mesh hood that keeps ticks, mosquitoes, and other insects from a worker’s face and neck. This is not arc rated since the rating would be VERY low but it would NOT increase worker injury in an arc event. Since there is no arc

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