“I Just Wanted to Help” – An Attempt at Electrical Rescue

Recently, a woman in New York City witnessed another woman fall into the energized third rail on subway tracks and receive a shock. Her response was compassionate and instinctive. She jumped down to push the injured woman away from the rail. But when she touched her, she received a shock herself. She described it later: […]

Is It OK to Share Arc Flash and Electrical PPE?

Quick Answer- Get each of your employees their own. Disclosure: Neither e-Hazard nor ArcWear sells arc flash PPE.  We are a training company and a test lab. In our last NFPA 70E Train the Trainer class before things were shut down for COVID-19, we had a trainer who asked a question about old arc flash […]

Electrical Shock Rescue: What Quick Thinking & Good Training Can Do

worker cutting concrete with industrial saw

Policemen Save Worker Shocked at Worksite Quick thinking from two Shiloh, IL, policemen helped save a construction worker’s life in October 2016. The worker’s industrial concrete saw was believed to come into contact with an energized electrical line, rendering him unconscious. He ended up lying in water about 6 in. deep. At least one other […]

Why Electrical Safety Training Is Important For Supervisors

High Voltage - Danger of Death Keep Out

It was the last call that I wanted to get A few years ago I received a phone call from an OSHA inspector asking for one of our training manuals. He sounded upset and demanded that it be sent overnight.  A worker had died in an electrical arc flash only a few weeks after attending one […]

Using NFPA 70E and Changing Fuses in a Bus Plug. Can I lower the Dangerous Level if I turn off the bus plug?

By Lee Hale, e-Hazard Consultant A reader posed this question: In the energized state the fused switch has an arc flash rating of “dangerous.”   My question is:   If the fusible bus plug is placed in the OFF position, can the door to the bus plug be opened and the fuses replaced without turning off power […]