Could This Smart Fabric Enhance Electrical Safety?

Could a small patch of this fabric on an electrical worker’s t-shirt be used to detect heat stress, an electrical shock or a possible heart attack? Could it then notify fellow workers? It’s possible this could help enhance worker electrical safety and even detect and report a possible shock via a smartphone app. Read about […]

Human Performance Issues from the Perspective of Safety Experts

“Workers, supervisors, managers and VPs can all have human performance issues.” Cited in a recent ISHN (Industrial Safety & Hygiene News) interview, Mike Doherty, an e-Hazard electrical safety consultant, continues, “Everybody has human performance issues. In time, everyone will be working far more comprehensively with human performance concepts and tools.” His statement comes from a […]

OSHA Repeats Its Take on Computer-Based, Online Training

arrow sign that says "Training"

In a July 2019 OSHA Letter of Interpretation, the Acting Director of OSHA’s Directorate of Enforcement Programs confirmed a 1994 Letter of Interpretation as still applicable today. The following is one of the questions answered in OSHA’s 2019 Letter of Interpretation: “Are online training programs acceptable for compliance with OSHA’s worker training requirements? Online, self-paced […]

Raising Electrical Safety Awareness in Developing Countries

Electrical Safety is Needed Globally Workers in North America and other developed areas employ some of the best electrical safety standards the industry has to offer. The general public in these same areas can access a lot of good information on staying safe around electricity. But those in developing countries need help becoming safer. An […]

Electrical Deaths Since August Spur MSHA to Issue Safety Alert

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The Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) has put out a safety alert based on recent electrocutions in the mining industry. Three fatalities by electrocution have occurred since August 7, 2019. The latest incident happened on September 17, 2019. Two occurred in West Virginia and one in Louisiana. An electrician contacted an energized component of […]