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“Who is e-Hazard?” “What in the world do they do?” “When I search for e-Hazard online, why does a soccer player come up instead?” Maybe you’ve asked those questions before in one form or another. Maybe you’re here accidently in your search for something else. Either way, we’re going to answer those

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Kaneka Dermal Health Risk Assessment (aka acid burn study) is now available free of charge at the Burns Journal web site. You can read the full text here and also download a PDF copy of the study. The purpose of this study was to address the issue as to whether

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For those of you on the West Coast and Hawaii, you have a great opportunity to find out more about keeping your employees safe on the job at the 2016 Pacific Coast Safety Fest in Hawaii. SafetyFestHawaii_flyer On March 17-18, seminars and workshops will be provided for FREE for small

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OSHA Fines for Electrical SafetyPublic Electrical Safety

When it comes to doing simple or repetitive tasks,people are more apt to take risks in order to save time, please someone else by just getting the job done, or prevent being inconvenienced. The act of changing a light bulb in a ceiling fixture becomes hazardous when an unsteady chair

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We’ve made a list of 9 Safety Conferences that you should attend to learn about electrical safety, NFPA 70E and other standards. These are the top safety conferences that YOU should attend.  You can never learn too much.  Do you have a favorite conference that you’ve attended?  Be sure to share

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As a service for you, e-Hazard has compiled a side-by-side table comparing the new OSHA 1910.269 standard with the previous version. Changes are illustrated with highlights, and variations are also noted. e-Hazard is passionate about giving you tools and information to keep you current on the latest standards. OSHA 269

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Firefighters in the central business district of Sydney, Australia were forces to fight an electrical fire in 5 minute shift due to the extreme conditions generated by the blaze. 100+ officers from Fire and Resuce NSW using thermal cameras to help them see in the hazardous conditions. The fire moved

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Electrical SafetyElectrical Safety in the newsOSHA Fines for Electrical SafetyOSHA IssuesPublic Electrical Safety

West Fertilizer Co. faces OSHA  fines totaling $118,300 for dozens of serious safety violations. The company’s West, TX plant exploded in April 2013, killing 15 people. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) report violations at the plant including: unsafe handling and storage of anhydrous ammonia and ammonium nitrate inadequately

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A painter received significant but non-life threatening burns when the elevated work platform he was operating became entangled in electrical wires next to the building where he was working. The power lines affected carry 12,500 volts of electricity, according to Newfoundland Power officials. Power to nearby businesses was shut down

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A small electrical fire near the Milwaukee County Courthouse Saturday afternoon, July 6th caused a power outage at the Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Office Communications Center. The Milwaukee County Courthouse and Safety Building will be CLOSED on Monday and Tuesday, July 8th and 9th following a weekend electrical fire. This will affect

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