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Welcome to our Marketing library where you will find e-Hazard logos and other marketing materials approved by our brand team available for download. If you have any questions or need to request something you don't see please contact us.

Terms of Use: Logos and Marketing Materials

The e-Hazard logo is the property of e-Hazard Management LLC. It is available for both personal and business uses provided attribution is given to e-Hazard. If used on-line, attribution must be given in the form of a link back to the e-Hazard website. If used in print media, please consult with our Marketing Department on our brand guidelines for print materials at (502) 716-7073.

Modifying the logo in any way is strictly prohibited regardless of the application. All intellectual rights to all design materials on this website are held by e-Hazard Management LLC.

We may add to, change or remove any part of these terms at any time, without notice.

e-Hazard Logo

PNG versions at 1,942 X 367 pixels.
EPS Versions
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Pantone Color Information

Red: PMS 485 C
Black: PMS 433 2X


Taking the Flash Out of Electrical Safety


We help people who work around electricity go home safely to their families.

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