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Terri Wettle of e-Hazard

Customer Care Coordinator
Terri Wettle

Terri Wettle is currently the Customer Care Coordinator at e-Hazard, and has been with the company for four years. She is responsible for setting-up the Open-Registration classes across the country, and works with the sponsors and customers for these trainings. She also assists the Alumni who have graduated from e-Hazard's Train the Trainer program, and coordinates book fulfillment, new classes, and inquiries for them. In addition, Terri fulfills online book and video orders, as well as works with customers who purchase / rent the training DVD's and require testing.

Terri is a lifelong learner, and has Bachelor's Degrees in Forestry and Biblical Theology, as well as certificates from many other pursuits. While living in various parts of the country, she has worked as a Project Manager/Social Worker, Bookstore Manager, Director's Assistant, Estate Manager, Industrial Engineer, Lab Technician and Bookkeeper. Life is an adventure and there is so much to learn and see! She and her husband and son have lived in Kentucky for seven years, and enjoy tremendously being near family again, and partaking of the Louisville foodie scene where superb local restaurants abound. What a gift.