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Arc Flash 101

Arc Flash Education and Learning Center

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What is Arc Flash?

An arc flash is a complex phenomenon occurring when electricity travels through the air creating ionized gases. An arc flash also goes by the names arc blast and electric arc.

Arc Flash Video

This video shows an arc flash blowing the door off a panel box in less than 2 cycles*, or about 0.03 second. This incredible footage was recorded during arc flash testing. The video is shown in slow motion, which allows you to see the force of an arc flash. Notice the mannequin's glove around the 0.20 mark of the video.

*Note: there are 60 cycles in one second.

More to Come

e-Hazard strives to provide the most up-to-date information on our website. We look forward to adding relevant and helpful information in order to educate people about arc flashes and how to minimize the injuries of an arc flash event. Stay tuned!

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