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The e-Hazard Safety Cycle™

Improve Electrical Safety in Your Workplace

Many of the presentations over the years at the IEEE Electrical Safety Workshop have emphasized the Deming/Ishikawa model of Plan, Do, Check and Act. It serves as a solid foundation for continuous improvement and has application across many processes.

Learning from other companies and especially from worker and management input from our training classes at thousands of companies all over the world, we have adapted the Deming model to specifically address electrical safety. Don’t wait for an accident or an OSHA citation to start using the e-Hazard Safety Cycle™: Envision, Execute, Evaluate and Evolve.

Our cycle has application across all aspects of electrical safety and offers a complete picture to help companies understand how to grow and maintain their electrical safety program. As a leader in the electrical safety industry, e-Hazard believes it is critical to continue to educate businesses on all aspects of electrical safety, customer or not, so that we may all go home safely to our families.