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Electrical Safety Q&A

Arc Flash and Electrical Safety Questions and Answers

Our Q&A page is designed to provide a one stop resource for questions about common electrical safety concerns. The experts at e-Hazard provide thorough, detailed information on multiple subjects related to electrical safety hazards in the workplace and up-to-date training and certification requirements.

Rubber Glove Testing

Where can I get my rubber gloves tested? We have a vast list of of NAIL (North American Independent Laboratories) accredited labs that provide testing and certification for dielectric gloves. We hope this resource helps with your company's PPE program.

Switching Circuit Breakers

We are often asked questions about Circuit Breakers as they relate to Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). e-Hazard team member, Al Havens has compiled an in-depth selection of questions and answers on this subject. Additional comments from e-Hazard Senior Consultant, Hugh Hoagland and e-Hazard partner, Lee Hale are included.

Arc Rated Gloves Standards

With recent glove standard changes, questions about the practicality of using leather and AR gloves together often arise. Addressing the importance of using protector gloves in shock and arc flash hazard situations, our consultants provide practical answers to common questions on the subject.

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