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Thermal or Infrared (IR) Electrical System Scan

A thermal or IR scan should be part of your preventive maintenance program.

Service Overview

A thermal or infrared (IR) scan is an inspection that will identify hot spots in your electrical system. Electrical system components put out excess heat (caused by increased resistance) when something is not working properly. The problem could be incorrect wiring, overloaded systems, loose connections, damaged switchgear, or components that are about to fail.

By pinpointing these issues, the IR scan can prevent damage to equipment and hazards to workers. The scan can also prevent productivity losses by identifying components that need to be replaced before they break down and cause a shutdown.

After a thermal scan has been completed, you will receive a report similar to our Sample Report.

An Example of an Electrical System Scan

Infrared Scan Before
Infrared Scan After

In these side-by-side views of an electrical panel, the IR scan on the right highlights specific breakers that are much hotter than others. In this case you should replace the breakers that are generating excess heat.

Why Have an Infrared Scan for your Electrical Systems?

Most insurance companies will require an IR scan annually or may offer discounts for having IR scans as part of a preventive maintenance program. Besides lowering the risk of equipment failure and worker injury, the thermal inspection can also help keep repair costs down by identifying problems earlier.

A thermal scan is a great supplement to an e-Hazard arc flash study or hazard analysis.

The four basic rules of effective electrical preventive maintenance:

  • Keep it dry
  • Keep it cool
  • Keep it clean
  • Keep it tight

Frequently Asked Questions

NFPA 70B recommends annual thermal scans.

No, but we can recommend a qualified electrical contractor.

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