ARCPRO 3: Arc Flash
Calculation Software

Easily calculate arc flash hazards and meet OSHA regulations. ArcPro™ 3 is a user friendly and powerful arc flash calculation software
developed by Kinectrics.

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State of the Art Arc Flash Software

ArcPro™'s physics-based software models high-power arcing by taking into account several complex variables, including gas properties, arc electrode materials, thermal radiation, and convective energy dissipation. In addition, ArcPro™ considers arc current, arc duration, arc gap, worker distance from the arc, and a number of other factors in order to accurately assess arc exposure. Kinectrics’ High Current Laboratory in Toronto has verified ArcPro™ computations through their live arc testing methods.

Key Features of ArcPro™ 3

  • Easily define arc hazards and select appropriate protective clothing
  • Accurately define clothing performance to meet arc conditions
  • Reduce safety clothing costs, while ensuring workers remain protected
  • Documentation for modified work practices to remove staff from hazardous areas
  • User-accessible FR (Fire Resistant) clothing databases
  • Compliance with the mandates of safety authorities

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