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English 60 Min Stream, Rent, DVD
Drawn from over 100 electrical incident investigations this 60 minute video is perfect for a monthly tailgate or team safety training.
English 60 Min Stream, Rent, DVD
Designed for utility and powerline workers, this video goes over the highlights of e-Hazard’s Arc Flash Safety for Utilities course, based on OSHA 1910.269.
English 60 Min Stream, Rent, DVD
This video course is designed for those who operate circuit breakers or switches, but aren't required to open electrical enclosures.
English 39 Min Stream, Rent, DVD
This training video focuses on the hazards of operating mobile equipment near overhead power lines. Highlights include best work practices, electricals safety facts, regulations of training, and more.
English 26 Min Streaming
A new electrical safety video, Other Reasons, looks at how people behave toward their specific jobs at work. Workers are sometimes faced with challenging situations and may ask themselves, “Will I work safely today and follow the protocol? Or do I need to complete this quickly, so I’ll take a shortcut”? He or she is faced with two diametrically opposed choices. What information will the worker rely on to make a final decision?
English 12 Min DVD
This DuPont produced video is a great resource for employers to maximize the electrical safety knowledge of all employees.
English 26 & 15 Min DVD
This program explains the safe electrical work practices required by the latest NFPA regulation while showing arc flash explosions, incident reenactments and FR clothing tests to convince electrical workers of the need to follow these critical safe work practices.
English 25 Min DVD
This DVD program is based on the standards for Arc Flash in Canada. Dual hazards of electric shock and arc flash are explained clearly and highlighted with dramatic footage of an arc flash.
English 45 Min DVD
This informative DVD training course gives real-world accounts of electrical safety incidents. It is a valuable resource providing workers in electrical utilities operations enriched training in accordance with OSHA's Electric Power Generation, Transmission and Distribution Standard (1910.269).
English 25 Min DVD
The true life story of Randy Fellhoelter's close encounter with death after intentionally violating safety work rules and procedures. This video focuses on how individual behavior plays a major role in accidents and/or accident prevention.
English 10 Min DVD
Mark Standifer received 2nd- and 3rd-degree burns over 40 percent of his body and was nearly killed when he was engulfed in flames from an arc blast while performing an electrical task at a wastewater treatment plant.
Eng, Spanish, Portuguese 13 Min DVD
Every year, electrical accidents kill personnel who work on power lines and other high-voltage equipment. But with proper grounding techniques, workers can short-circuit these dangers and save their lives.

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