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The Randy Fellhoelter Story

"I Felt Comfortable"

About This Video Course

The true life story of Randy Fellhoelter's close encounter with death after intentionally violating safety work rules and procedures. Although Randy's accident was caused by his accidental contact with 7,200 volts of electricity, the video focuses on how individual behavior plays a major role in accidents and/or accident prevention. The specific details of the accident were omitted from the video to draw attention to the conditions that led up to the tragedy that changed Randy's life forever.

The central theme of "I Felt Comfortable" is risk assessment. It is designed to cause the viewer to think about the extent of the risks that they take everyday, at home and work; and how those risks could have an impact on our lives.

Randy discusses his days in the hospital after his accident, the long rehabilitation, and the reality of adapting to a completely new life style.

Randy tells his dramatic story to an audience of co-workers and its impact can be felt as well as viewed. Randy discusses how our attitudes about taking risks can affect our lives and those of our families and friends. Some of the scenes in this high-impact video are very graphic and may not be suitable for all audiences. Scenes of Randy's injuries were taken at the hospital and during his recovery.

  • Great DVD for electrical safety training sessions
  • This video should be seen by all employees, supervisors and managers

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