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Arc Flash Studies

Arc Flash Analysis and Hazard Assessment

Service Overview

We provide a comprehensive arc flash study including full on-site evaluation, modeling, analysis drawing, fault current and coordination studies.

Our qualified NFPA 70E, IEEE-registered experts can perform a detailed inspection of your plant or facility, regardless of size or location throughout North America. We offer a wide variety of arc flash and electrical hazard studies, including:

  • Arc flash analysis
  • Electrical power studies
  • Protective device environments
  • Motor start analysis
  • Short circuit analysis
  • Power flow studies

Our engineers are all members of IEEE, the organization setting the standards for arc flash studies. We use SKM Power Tools, ArcPro, and other software packages to give the best, most accurate results.

Arc Flash Study Resources

What is an Arc Flash Study?

e-Hazard arc flash studies (or arc flash or hazard analysis) are conducted at your facility by one of our trained experts, qualified to evaluate your electrical system. Studies can be customized to include fault current and coordination analysis, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Level recommendations, Arc Flash Equipment Labeling and more according to your specific situation. Notes and recommendations are given for areas presenting risk to personnel or equipment.

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