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Arc Flash Studies & Analysis

An arc flash study is an on-site evaluation of a workplace facility with a trained expert. After an assessment of your electrical system, our professional team member compiles a report containing areas of potential risk and the necessary changes to make in order to keep your workers safe and to improve and maintain your electrical system. Get a FREE QUOTE today!
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Engineering Studies

An engineering study at e-Hazard includes full, on-site evaluation, modeling, analysis drawing, fault current and coordination studies. Our qualified electrical safety experts use multiple methods, like SKM Power Tools, ArcPro and other software packages, to give the most usable results. Our team is comprised of engineers who are members of IEEE 1584, the committee which sets the standards for arc flash studies.

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Arc Flash Table Assessment

OSHA 1910.132(d) states employers must "assess the workplace for hazards." NFPA 70E requires an arc flash hazard analysis calculation be performed with the only exception being use of 70E tables, if you meet the table parameters. Our arc flash table assessments include evaluating Personal Protective Equipment, Arc Flash Equipment Labeling, and Equipment Specific Lockout/Tagout Program Writing.

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What is an Arc Flash Study?

e-Hazard arc flash studies (or arc flash or hazard analysis) are conducted at your facility by one of our trained experts, qualified to evaluate your electrical system. Studies can be customized to include fault current and coordination analysis, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Level recommendations, Arc Flash Equipment Labeling and more according to your specific situation. Notes and recommendations are given for areas presenting risk to personnel or equipment.

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Do I Need an Arc Flash Study?

Without evaluation, it is difficult to determine the level of arc hazard risk present in a workplace. The full arc flash studies at e-Hazard are conducted by a trained professional and will provide all you need to determine the best course of action for alleviating most arc flash hazards. Our experts will help you apply recent regulatory changes as they apply to your system.