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Arc Flash Engineering Training Classes

Our arc flash engineering training courses are designed with practical application in mind. Our expert instructors offer current insight into arc flash tables and tools along with hazard analysis.
Arc Flash Engineering
e-Hazard offers a practical application course on the use of the NEW OSHA 1910.269 arc flash tables and other tools for reasonable arc flash hazard assessment. This class will focus on using NESC tables and the OSHA arc flash tables with introduction to other tools for the points at which the tables are not applicable.
Arc Flash Engineering
A course designed to provide utility workers a thorough understanding of proper arc hazard assessment practices for utility companies.

e-Hazard Training Courses

Our electrical safety training classes are used by more NFPA 70E committee members than any other classes in the industry. e-Hazard's objective is to keep people who work around electricity safe, and we do that with the best people and practices in the industry.

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Our training courses are taught by the world's foremost leaders in arc flash and electrical safety training. They have designed a suite of courses to cover the most important subject surrounding the concerns of electrical safety training.