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Electrical Grounding & Bonding

Electrical Safety Grounding & Bonding Training Class

Class Overview

This course covers earth grounding, equipment grounding, and high resistance grounding. It explains the differences between all three grounding systems, emphasizing the critical function that equipment ground performs.

What You'll Learn

By attending the Electrical Grounding and Bonding class you will learn the following:

  • How to test earth ground systems
  • How to test and confirm equipment grounding systems
  • Functions of high resistance grounding systems and their effect on electrical safety
  • Methods of grounding

Who Should Attend?

This class was designed for the following personnel:

  • Electrical engineers and designers
  • Safety professionals
  • Electrical inspectors
  • Electricians, foremen and apprentices
  • Electrical programmers and troubleshooters
  • Anyone exposed to energized, uninsulated, live circuit parts and conductors

On-site at Your Facility

$4,000 per day plus materials. Includes 8 hours of training for up to 30 attendees and instructor travel to US locations. For additional workbooks, call for pricing -- (502) 716-7073

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