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NEC Updates for Industrial Installations

National Electrical Code Updates for Industrial Installations Training Classes

Class Overview

e-Hazard's 16-hour 2020 National Electrical Code (NEC) Updates course addresses updates and additions to the NEC as it applies to industrial and commercial applications. The training provides a refresher in a variety of electrical calculation methods, while providing an in-depth look at the latest NEC changes that affect your organization. This curriculum serves as an update to changes only, and requires the attendee to have a working knowledge of the NEC, as provided in our 40-hour NEC course.

The NEC changes regularly so staying up to date on the revisions is very important. If your position requires maintaining or installing electrical systems, this NEC class will assist in keeping you compliant.

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What You'll Learn

Topics covered in this NEC Updates for Industrial Installations class include:

  • General installation requirements
  • Calculations for branch-circuit, feeder, and service
  • Switchboard, panelboards, and disconnects
  • Overcurrent protection
  • Grounded (neutral) conductors
  • Grounding and bonding
  • Cables and raceways
  • Wiring methods and conductors
  • Branch circuits
  • Receptacle provisions, switches and lighting requirements
  • Motors, controllers, and motor circuits
  • Special equipment
  • Emergency systems
  • Conduit and tubing fill tables

Who Should Attend?

The following professionals should attend our NEC Updates for Industrial Installations training class:

  • Electricians
  • Safety directors
  • Plant and facility maintenance technicians
  • Energy management personnel
  • Electrical contractors
  • HVAC maintenance and repair technicians
  • Plant and facility managers
  • Maintenance electricians
  • Building managers and superintendents

Additional Information

Here's the course prerequisites you must have to take this NEC training class:

  • Licensed electrician, journey or master level
  • Prior training in the 2017 National Electrical Code (proof may be required)

On-site at Your Facility

$6,650 for training plus student materials.

Let us come to you! Call us today at (502) 716-7073 to schedule an NEC Updates for Industrial Installations training class at your facility. On-site classes are an excellent option for companies with multiple shifts and departments. We can tailor our classes to fit your specific need.

Materials Included: National Electrical Code 2020, e-Hazard student workbook, Tom Henry Keyword Index

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$900 Per Person

Materials Included: National Electrical Code 2020, e-Hazard student workbook, Tom Henry Keyword Index

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