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Electrical Safety for Managers

Electrical Safety for Managers

Half Day Training for Supervisors of Electrical Personnel

Class Overview

This course for supervisors and managers overseeing electrical workers provides insights into the complex and dangerous nature of electrical work performed by those responsible for keeping facilities in operation.

What You'll Learn

Attendees of this course will gain an understanding of:

  • Types of electrical hazards confronting workers
  • Common situations which lead to incidents
  • Electrical safety protection strategies
  • Need for a comprehensive approach to electrical safety
  • How to use e-Hazard’s 7 Electrical Safety Habits Audit tool

Attendees will also receive an electronic copy of e-Hazard’s 7 Electrical Safety Habits Audit spreadsheet.

Who Should Attend?

Anyone responsible for managing or overseeing electrical workers and ensuring safe work practices are utilized. Additionally, employees in supporting roles such as procurement, safety and project management would benefit from this course.

On-site at Your Facility

$3,900 for first day of training, $2,800 for each additional day. Includes 4 hours of training and instructor travel to U.S. locations. Rates in Washington (state) may differ. Additional $45 per attendee for e-Hazard student workbook.

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