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Task Qualified Switch Operation

Switch Operator Task Qualified Training

Class Overview

The content of this class is usually tailored to the unique needs of an individual company. Switch Operators need general electrical safety awareness training and specific training regarding the shock and arc flash hazards relative to switch operation. e-Hazard offers a concise course based on NFPA 70E and OSHA guidelines to address electrical safety and issues specific to this task. As each environment is different, e-Hazard can modify the curriculum to address the electrical safety training needs of particular employees as identified by management, engineering and safety.

What You'll Learn

Workers who attend our Task Qualified Switch Operation class will learn the following information:

  • Understanding the task and scope
  • Identifying hazards that may be present
  • Defining the role and responsibilities
  • Applicable safety rules
  • PPE and tools necessary for safe performance
  • Specific requirements for NFPA 70E compliance
  • How to read arc flash labels

Who Should Attend?

Personnel involved in operating or maintaining electrical equipment that are not Low Voltage Qualified and their supervisors:

  • Machine operators
  • Operating supervisors
  • Department heads
  • Foremen
  • Upper and middle management*
  • Plant managers*
  • Mechanics*

* If additional Awareness Class isn't offered

Live Web-Based Training

e-Hazard offers this class in a live web-based format.

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On-site at Your Facility

$3,900 for first day of training, $2,800 for each additional day.


  • Quick Reference Guide (provided as electronic PDF) or Workbook ($15 each).
  • Includes 1 to 2 hours of training per session for up to 30 attendees, up to 4 sessions per day.
  • May be included with other classes or given as a standalone class.
  • Instructor travel to U.S. locations.
  • We offer one class of this training free when doing a full day of other training.
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