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Arc Flash Safety for Utilities (1910.269)
Train the Trainer

Based on OSHA 1910.269

Class Overview

This Train the Trainer (TTT) class is designed specifically for the needs of utility workers working with or near low or high voltage lines or equipment, or for those managing individuals in these environments. Attendees will learn award-winning training methods to instruct others about the dangers of arc hazards and safe work practices in accordance with the NESC and OSHA 1910.269 standards, practical protection strategies, best practices in arc flash and the state of the art in PPE. (For more details about TTT methods, see our general TTT page for an overview.)

Training Details

  • 12-hour class
  • Memory stick of PowerPoint
  • Student manual
  • TTT 3-ring binder
  • Full instructor notes
  • Free updates via download
  • Customizable class for specific areas of company
  • Add $30.00 for additional student workbooks (required by license)

Training Classes & Dates

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$2,500 per person. Call (502) 716-7073 for on-site pricing.

Class Schedule

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Course Details

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