Do you...

  • Have employees that need to be trained quickly?
  • Have employees located remotely that can’t attend classroom training?
  • Need to save travel time and expenses?

e-Hazard’s electrical safety video training can be completed at students’ convenience, and is available in several options. Based on our award-winning classroom training, we have developed videos for our Low and High Voltage courses.

What's the difference between the video training and live instruction?
The DVD is not intended to be for new students, but for those who aren't able to attend one of our courses in person.

Features of e-Hazard Video Training Programs

  • Instruction by experts in the Electrical Safety Industry
  • Student materials
  • Graded student exam
  • Consultation with an e-Hazard Subject Matter Expert
  • Student Certificate(s) of Completion

Purchase/Rental Options

Buy: Intended for training small groups.
Rent: Designed for individual use.

Low Voltage

Our low voltage video course covers electrical safety facts, OSHA regulations and NFPA 70E standards, types of electrical hazards and protection strategies.

Low Voltage / High Voltage

Our Low Voltage video course must be completed before you can take our High Voltage course. The High Voltage course was developed for industrial electrical workers who maintain systems and equipment from 601 volts up to and including 69kV.

High Voltage Refresher

Shorter than our full-day High Voltage video course, this refresher course is an excellent way to review what you learned previously in our full HV class. In addition, you will be provided with any OSHA and/or NFPA 70E standard updates when applicable.

Task Qualified Switch Operations

This training is ideal for those who operate circuit breakers or switches but are not required to open any electrical enclosures.

7 Electrical Safety Habits

When all the rules get overwhelming, go over some basics with the 7 electrical safety habits, offering wisdom gleaned from over 100 incident investigations.

Arc Flash Awareness for Utilities

Utility and power line workers need to be aware of arc flash hazards. This video covers highlights from our Arc Flash Safety for Utilities course (based on OSHA 1910.269).

Mobile Equipment Operator Safety near Power Lines

Overhead power lines and mobile equipment don’t mix. With this video, teach your mobile equipment operators best work practices, safety facts, regulations, and more.