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Low and High Voltage Qualified Video + Training

Group Low and High Voltage Qualified Package

The Group Low and High Voltage Qualified Package offers organizations the ability to train students on their schedule. This hybrid course provides the flexibility available with video training, in conjunction with the critical hands-on portion required to be considered High Voltage Qualified.

For course content, see our Low Voltage Qualified Class Outline (PDF) and High Voltage Qualified Class Outline (PDF).

Note: To be considered High Voltage Qualified, students must complete a hands-on demonstration of skills. This package includes a visit by an e-Hazard instructor to administer the hands-on training portion.

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More Details

Group Low & High Voltage Qualified Purchase Package

Timetable for training Open
Students included in fee 5
Ability to add students at additional cost
1-hour consultation with e-Hazard Subject Matter Expert
On-site visit by e-Hazard Subject Matter Expert to conduct hands-on instruction
Certificate(s) of completion

This program includes

  • Videos of:
    • e-Hazard Low Voltage Qualified course
    • e-Hazard High Voltage Qualified course (excludes hands-on)
  • 5 sets of training materials:
    • e-Hazard Low Voltage Qualified Student Workbook
    • NFPA 70E Standard
    • e-Hazard High Voltage Qualified Student Workbook
    • Low and High Voltage exams graded by e-Hazard expert
  • 1-hour consultation with an e-Hazard Subject Matter Expert to review exam questions and discuss training videos
  • Low Voltage Qualified Certificate(s) of Completion upon passing Low Voltage exam
  • High Voltage Qualified Refresher Certificate(s) of Completion upon passing High Voltage video exam
  • High Voltage Qualified Hands On Certificate(s) of Completion upon demonstration of skills to e-Hazard instructor