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Contrary to popular belief there are real requirements in marking off an arc flash boundary. I like that this company offering arc flash boundary tape but there are three requirements in the ANSI 535 standard cited in NFPA 70E and OSHA.

  1. What is the level of the hazard?
  2. What is the hazard?
  3. What does the unqualified person need to do to stay safe?

Click here to see their “Arc Flash Boundary Tape”.  This tape doesn’t really meet the above intent.  Other training could do this.  This is floor tape and always in place.  The disadvantage is that folks think the arc flash boundary is ALWAYS present.  It is usually ONLY present when the equipment is opened or being worked on (unless it is always exposed).

Click here to see a competitive tape which is more like ANSI 535 requirements.  Use RED and WARNING or DANGER.  Some of these tapes meet the intent.  They keep out the unqualified and clearly communicate what the hazard is.  We like “DANGER, HIGH VOLTAGE, KEEP OUT” even if it isn’t high voltage.  The unqualified doesn’t need to know the technical difference.  They just need to keep out! training clarifies the ANSI 535 requirements in NFPA 70E as part of our Low Voltage Qualified training class.

We do NOT sell these tapes or recommend either brand.  This is for education only.  Many companies sell these.

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