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Arc flash happens all over the world. Only a few countries have really addressed it. Arc flash training using NFPA 70E would have reduced the number involved by defining the arc flash boundary.

Most are still ignoring it because the percentage of incidents is low but once people study the incidents they realize about 25% of the arc flash incidents lead to permanent disability or a fatality. This makes some attention to this infrequent event a real good investment. Japan could adopt NFPA 70E. is planning a training trip to Japan and China in 2010. Electric utilities in both countries are interested in the research.

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Hugh Hoagland
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Hugh Hoagland is the foremost tester of clothing and PPE exposed to electrical arcs and is an arc flash expert. Read more about Hugh.

2 Comments on "Arc flash burns 7 workers doing inspections at a Japan nuclear reactor. Arc Flash Training would have reduced the number involved."

Kelvin Hines - 6 February 2012 Reply

I have been working on a range of remote Racking & Switching safety products for 10 years now. If you are interested in infomation or a demonstration pleae give me a call or email; Kelvin Hines +61 263613680 M: +61 488613660

    Hugh Hoagland
    Hugh Hoagland - 24 February 2012 Reply

    Love your stuff Kelvin. We met at the Arc Flash Forum in Sydney. Remote Switching and racking prevents many incidents especially those among non-electrical workers. Engineer OUT the hazard is the best way. Again love your products.

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