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June 2014

OSHA 1910.269 side-by-side

comparison for upcoming changes


e-Hazard has put together a side-by-side comparison table of the new OSHA standard 1910.269 (July 10, 2014) with the previous version. Changes and variations are illustrated with highlights. This valuable tool will help you stay current on the latest standards.


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Q&A with e-Hazard/ArcWear: Are short sleeves protective?

Burning Question

Q. I just received a list of arc rated clothing available in an industry catalog. Three of the items are short sleeved arc rated shirts. NFPA 70E categories HRC 1 and HRC 2 require LONG SLEEVED arc rated shirts. How can short sleeved shirts be HRC rated? I understand the material may be arc rated to HRC 2, but if the clothing doesn’t cover the body properly it cannot protect the body in the event of an arc flash.

A.The NFPA 70E standard does call for HRC 2 to have long sleeves but shirts are only one option.  If the fabric is HRC 2, then anything made from that fabric could be HRC 2  IF used in the proper manner.  All the manufacturers struggle with this.  The market often requires HRC labels on all clothing.  Could you wear one of these shirts in energized work? Yes, but not by itself. Some companies require an additional cut resistant, arc rated sleeve to be worn over the shirt sleeve when doing energized work meeting the requirement for long sleeves.


Other companies require rubber gloves and sleeves and allow the short sleeved shirt to be worn under the system.  The requirement in the standard is to protect the whole body.  The idea of the rubber gloves and sleeves being used with short sleeved shirts was addressed in the Preamble of the NEW OSHA 1910.269.  This should help clear up these types of questions.  The point is to protect the people and to have clothing that doesn’t make their life hard for a once in a lifetime event. The HRCs have become commonly used for the rating level but this makes it difficult when marketing some products. NOTE: Many companies will begin calling the HRC’s ARC’s in the near future since the term HRC has been removed in the new NFPA 70E 2015. – Hugh Hoagland  

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ArcWear now provides ISO 17025 A2LA accredited testing for ASTM F1506 and F1891 along with our other arc flash standards.

NEW CLASS: Tables and Tools for Arc Flash Hazard Assessment
e-Hazard is excited to announce our new class –

The class will focus on using NESC tables and the NEW OSHA arc flash tables in arc flash assessment. Marcia Eblen, P.E., a key researcher behind the NESC tables and the NEW OSHA 1910.269 arc flash tables, will facilitate the class.  There will also be class discussion on the use of ArcPro software and IEEE 1584 for calculating arc flash for utilities. Call us today at (502) 716-7073  and register.

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Trust but Verify: A summary of the new ANSI 125-2014 Standard
One of Ronald Reagan’s favorite sayings was “Trust, but verify.” This Russian proverb is important to remember when it comes to PPE.  Many years of hard work and experience have gone into creating the standards PPE is tested against. It is up to the consumers to educate themselves on the testing and certification of the products they use or provide for their workforce.

Understanding the different levels of compliance described by the newly released ANSI 125-2014 standard will help you and your company make the best choices for electrical safety protection.

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ArcWear Testing Data Update

ArcWear has updated Arc Test Data with some important new information, courtesy of CenterPoint Energy.

 Layer 1  Layer 2  Arc Rating
 PBI Industries, PBI Gold, 6 oz/yd² 
 Sunbridge, FireZero, 7 oz/yd²            
 Westex, IUS 451, 9 oz/yd²                            
 Sunbridge, FireZero, 7 oz/yd²   

Visit to view our full data report.

Video Spotlight


Arc Flash Rating of Safety Glasses
Hugh Hoagland discusses the effectiveness of common safety glasses in arc flash vs. arc rated shields.

Rainwear Arc Flash Test
An arc flash test is done on Arc Rated rainwear compared to rainwear indicating it is flame resistant.

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Upcoming Events: Hugh Hoagland from e-Hazard speaking

Hugh Hoagland has been scheduled to speak at the 2014 National Safety Council (NSC) Congress & Expo in San Diego on September 13 -19, 2014. Hoagland will be addressing the recent updates to OSHA 1910.269 and other electrical standards in 2014.
Registration Open April 15, 2014

Hugh Hoagland leading webinar on new OSHA standard changes 

 New OSHA Standard Changes Everything for 

Generation, Transmission and Distribution

                     June 17, 2014

        2:00PM ET/1:00PM CT/11:00AM PT

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“Electricity and safety in the 21st century”

Hugh Hoagland to speak 

August 24-27, 2014

Frankfurt, Germany

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