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March 2014

e-Hazard enjoyed participating in the IEEE IAS Electrical Safety Workshop 2014 in San Diego, CA. Take a moment to look through our photo gallery from the event. Thanks to Anthony Capkun of  Electrical Business Magazine for sharing his photos with us. More highlights... 

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 We look forward to seeing you at IEEE ESW 2015 in Louisville, KY!

ESW logo Changing the Electrical Safety Culture

   January 26 -30, 2015 · Louisville, Kentucky USA

Call for Papers

 The IEEE IAS Electrical Safety Committee is requesting original, previously unpublished technical paper proposals for oral or poster presentation at the IEEE IAS Electrical Safety Workshop to be held January 26-30, 2015 in Louisville, Kentucky. The IEEE IAS Electrical Safety Workshop provides a forum for changing and advancing the electrical safety culture to enable sustainable improvement in eliminating electrical incidents, injuries and fatalities. The Workshop focus to Change the Electrical Safety Culture targets two areas:  1) advancing the application of state of the art knowledge and practices, and 2) stimulating innovation in creating the next generation of safe work practices, technology and managing systems.



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Q&A with e-Hazard/ArcWear:

Burning Question

Q. As we know, arc rated gloves do not use HRC class codes, right? That's reserved for garments, so we shouldn't put HRC on gloves, right? I lost track of how official the glove standard is. Is it all done and official or not official yet?

A. The new glove standard, ASTM F2675 - 13, is official, but there is no official statement on gloves receiving or not receiving HRC levels (The term HRC will be gone in 2015 replaced with PPE level). They are mentioned in the HRC Tables but it is not clear on whether they should be labeled (the ASTM standard is only a test method and has no labeling requirements).  Since the tables include HRC 3 and 4, those are certainly appropriate to label.  The HRC's have minimum cal/cm2 associated with them so the others should be fair game to label.  The thing that would be unclear is how much protection should the hands have.  The calculations are completed at 18 inch working distance or more normally.  If the hands are closer, one should likely use greater protection on the hands but this has not been determined by NFPA 70E.  Some hand protection is better than nothing and most of the arc rated gloves on the market are better than a generic glove.  We recently saw a worker who was in ICU 5 days after an event from the arc flash ignition of a cotton/leather work glove operating a 480V device that failed. 

We have announced the official standard a few times.  It will likely be in version 2018 of NFPA 70E.  All the leather protectors we have tested work well in arc but will not pass the vertical flame test.  ASTM F18 has begun a new non-leather protector.  It will be interesting to see what that committee comes up with.


Hugh Hoagland 


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Upcoming Classes

Low Voltage Qualified -Details

Louisville, KY 3/10/14
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High Voltage Qualified -Details

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6/16 - 6/17/14
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This training program is designed to prepare qualified trainers to deliver instruction based on NFPA 70E and OSHA requirements.

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Arc Flash Testing for Protective Apparel 

Testing Dates 2014

March 24 - 28

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Arc Flash Test: Rain Jacket
Arc Flash Test: Rain Jacket

ArcWear now provides ISO 17025 Accredited testing for ASTM F1506 and F1891 along with our other arc flash standards.
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Product Spotlight: SafeArc
SafeArc Cross Section

Recently displayed at the 2014 IEEE IAS ESW, the SafeArc
is a solution from the Australian mining industry:  a simple but elegant engineered high speed fuse assembly which eliminates or reduces arc flash risks. The apparatus is installed on the secondary (480V) side of distribution transformers.

Read more on this innovative electrical safety solution.

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Welcome Ken Sellars
Hugh Hoagland and Ken Sellars at ESW 2014
in San Diego, CA

We are pleased to announce the addition of Ken Sellars to our headquarters staff in Louisville, KY. Ken has been an electrical safety consultant and instructor with e-Hazard.  Ken is a Master Electrician and a former member of the US Navy (nuclear division). We look forward to utilizing Ken's expertise in NFPA70E, NEC (NFPA 70) Commercial electrical code instruction, NESC and other classes.  


Join with us as we welcome Ken and his family to the office staff team.  



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Latest Publications
A paper written by Zarheer Jooma and Hugh Hoagland is featured in the March/April issue of HSME Magazine. The paper, Bridging the Protection Abyss: Arc Rated Gloves and The New ASTM Test Method, discusses a new glove protection standard and include advances by international standards committees.
Read the full article
photo-happy-worker In the February issue of Incident Prevention Magazine is an article by Hugh Hoagland and Mikhail Golovkov of ArcWear. The article,  Addressing Comfort and Contamination in Arc-Rated Clothing addresses the selection and care of arc-rated personal protective equipment promoting safety in the workplace.
Read the full article
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Upcoming Events

Arc Testing Demo

 In conjunction with
ASTM F18 Meeting

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

April 8-9, 2014  

800 Kipling Ave

Building KL

April 8:Panel Testing  

April 9: Garment testing


for Details. Must RSVP to enter

Building Security. 

Kentucky Governor's Health and Safety Conference
May 6-9, 2014  
The Galt House Hotel 
Louisville, KY  

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National Safety Council Expo

Join e-Hazard at the NSC at our booth.
2014 Annual NSC Expo & Conference

September 14 - 17, 2014

San Diego, CA


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Visit the e-Hazard booth at the world's largest safety, health and environmental event with technical session, professional development seminars and more than 900 exhibitors showcasing the most innovative products and solutions in the industry.

Registration Open April 15, 2014
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