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Arc Test Dates
NFPA 70E Thinks De-energized
United Relay Patent on Arc Flash Energy Reduction
Articles Accidents & Videos
Chicago Electrical Trauma Research Program now an Institute
Fines by OSHA & OHSA on Electrical Hazards
New 5.5 oz 8 cal Material is REALLY 5.5 oz.
NEW Online & DVD NFPA 70E Training with a Twist
Arc Testing White Paper with Different Electrode Configurations
2011 IEEE-ESW Get it in your calendar!

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Low Voltage

Albuquerque, NM
Decatur, AL
Oklahoma City, OK
Knoxville, TN
Northbrook, IL
Salt Lake City, UT
Phoenix, AZ
Reno, NV
Fargo, ND

High Voltage Qualified
Decatur, AL
NESC 2007

Arc Flash Calculations for Utilities

(includes NESC Safety & Arc Flash Awareness)
[12 hrs]
Mytrle Beach, SC
6/22/10 – 6/23/10
NESC Safety & Arc Flash Awareness
[4 hrs.]
Myrtle Beach, SC

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Hugh Hoagland Speaking Engagements

Hugh Hoagland
Speaking at the
2010 RMEL Electric Energy Conference

May 16-18, 2010

Santa Fe, NM

Incident Prevention Conference

Denver, CO
Thursday 5-13, 2010
9:45 am – 11 am
VPPPA Conference
Orlando World Center Resort & Convention Center
August 23-26, 2010
National Safety Council Expo
Oct 4-6, 2010
DOE Electrical Safety Workshop
Oct. 7, 2010
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April 2010

Dear ArcLetter Member,

The ArcWear™ Electric Arc and Flash Fire Newsletter NOW from too.

It is a quick update on Flame Resistant Clothing issues and news from OSHA and standards committees. The newsletter is FREE, reaches over 12,000 people and will bring you up to date on the issues that surround flame resistant clothing for flash fire hazards and the electric arc. For previous newsletters or to sign up, visit or

ArcWear™ Arc Testing Dates

Need Arc Testing?


May 31 – June 4
July  12 – 16
Aug 9 – 13
Sept 20 – 24
Oct 25 – 29
Nov 21 – 26
Dec 13 – 17

ASTM F1959, ASTM F2178, ASTM F887 fall protection arc testing and mannequin testing at the Kinectrics Lab in
Toronto on the dates above.
Ship materials or clothing to:

Hugh Hoagland
13113 Eastpoint Park Blvd.
Suite E
Louisville, KY
PH: 502-314-7158
We must receive one week before the test date for sample preparation or make arrangements to ship to lab. New and non US/Canadian Customers must make payment before test date.  Testing is offered on a first come/first served basis with priority for consulting customers.  New policy: $100 per material for prep/washing and cutting panels and $150 for international report shipping. No guarantee is made of when testing will occur.

ASTM F1506 Now Allows Disposable and Limited Wear Non-Wovens in the Standard for Arc Rating

e-Hazard Welcomes New Members of Our Team
On behalf of the the staff at e-Hazard we’d like to extend our welcome to Lee Hale and William Huston. We are proud to add these two talented instructors to the e-Hazard team.

Lee Hale of Davenport, Iowa, is a principle member of the NFPA 70E committee with 32 years experience in electrical safety, engineering, and construction. He is also a member of two UL standard technical panels.
In his over 30 year career at Alcoa, Lee served as the electrical maintenance manager at their Davenport, IA aluminum rolling facility. He also authored Alcoa’s electrical arc flash engineering standard and twelve other electrical engineering standards. He is also an OSHA competent high voltage instructor for 1910.269, lockout/tag-out and electrical safety. Lee received the Arthur Vining Davis Award for Technical Excellence for his work on a 100′ mill modernization at Davenport Works. This milestone was one of fifteen such projects completed in Alcoa’s history.
Because of his expertise in electrical safety, with a focus on arc flash issues grew, Lee has been requested numerous times by the NFPA Research Foundation, John Deere, Monsanto, Cargill, International Paper, Closure Systems International, QC Associated Employers, NECA, IBEW and others.
William Huston of Indianapolis, IN is an experienced safety professional currently working for a major electric utility with duties and responsibilities in safety management, fire protection, emergency response and industrial hygiene. Dedicated to making a positive impact to an organization’s bottom line by reducing injury/illness rates and workers’ compensation costs through efficient and effective safety management. Strong background in evaluating and interpreting OSHA, MSHA, NFPA and DOT standards, assessing regulatory compliance and accident investigations. William believes in demonstrated skills in developing and implementing programs to reduce and prevent occupational injuries and illnesses, as well as training. Committed to working towards a motivated, team oriented environment to achieve a safe, productive, and profitable workplace.
Click Here to learn more about our e-hazard team and to view our Google map for locations of trainers near you.

Arc Testing Results

Used FR Clothing on Craigslist

Electrical Safety Audit Services
Based on the National Electrical Code, NFPA 70E, NFPA 70B, and OSHA 1910.331-335, an electrical safety inspection can help your organization operate more safely and profitably by identifying and providing corrective recommendations for potential electrical safety risks.

Identify and provide corrective actions for potentially hazardous electrical situations
Determine electrical system & electrical safety compliance with:
National Electrical Code
OSHA 1910.331-335
Review and provide corrective actions for electrical safety work processes
Review and provide corrective actions for electrical maintenance tools
Identify potential cost savings and efficiencies through modifications of electrical system


Written and illustrated report identifying hazardous situations and areas of non-compliance, including:


National Electrical Code Compliance
OSHA / NFPA 70E Arc Flash & Electrical Safety Compliance
Assured Equipment Grounding
Ground Fault Circuit Interruption Protection
Lock Out / Tag Out
Electrical Safety Program Documentation & Processes
Qualified Electrical Worker status
Consultation with your electrical safety expert about the hazards and means for correcting them.

See web site information on Electrical Safety Audit
Additional Electrical Safety Services we Provide:

Electrical Safety Program Development & Consulting
Infrared Inspection
Qualified Electrical Worker Training & Certification
Arc Flash Analysis & Labeling

Cotton Threads: As Good as a Metal Wire to Conduct Electricity?
Consider this T-shirt: It can monitor your heart rate and breathing, analyze your sweat and even cool you off on a hot summer’s day. What about a pillow that monitors your brain waves, or a solar-powered dress that can charge your ipod or MP4 player?  This is not science fiction-this is cotton in 2010.
Now, the laboratory of Juan Hinestroza, assistant professor of Fiber Science and Apparel Design, has developed cotton threads that can conduct electric current as well as a metal wire can, yet remain light and comfortable enough to give a whole new meaning to multi-use garments. This technology works so well that simple knots in such specially treated thread can complete a circuit – and solar-powered dress with this technology literally woven into its fabric will be featured at the annual Cornell Design League Fashion Show on Saturday, March 13 at Cornell Univ.’s Barton Hall.
Using multidisciplinary nanotechnology developed at Cornell in collaboration with the universities at Bologna and Cagliari, Italy, Hinestroza and his colleagues developed a technique to permanently coat cotton fibers with electrically conductive nanoparticles. “We can definitively have sections of a traditional cotton fabric becoming conductive, hence a great myriad of applications can be achieved,” Hinestroza said.
“The technology developed by us and our collaborators allows cotton to remain flexible, light and comfortable while being electronically conductive,” Hinestroza said. “Previous technologies have achieved conductivity but the resulting fiber becomes rigid and heavy. Our new techniques make our yarns friendly to further processing such as weaving, sewing and knitting.”
This technology is beyond the theory stage. Hinestroza’s student, Abbey Liebman, was inspired by the technology enough to design a dress that actually uses flexible solar cells to power small electronics from a USB charger located in the waist. The charger can power a smartphone or an MP3 player.
“Instead of conventional wires, we are using our conductive cotton to transmit the electricity-so our conductive yarns become part of the dress,” Hinestroza said. “Cotton used to be called the ‘fabric of our lives’ but based on these results, we can now call it ‘The fabric of our lights.'”

Roy Paulson
President, Paulson Manufacturing Corporation
800-542-2451 ext 205
Fax 951-506-0652

Director, Paulson Limited
951-676-2451 ext 205
Fax 951-506-0652

Chair 2009-2010, CIEDEC, District Export Council

Presidents Council
National Association of Manufacturers

Articles, Accidents & Video on Arc Flash

Here are some articles published recently on arc flash and electrical safety.


Click hereto see the latest articles including:
Arc Flash Basics: Testing Update by Tom Neal and Mike Lang
Consciously Conspicuous by Mark Saner
and many others.

Milliken Amplitude YouTube Site.
Four New Videos This Month.  More coming
Use for Certification Training with our exclusive NFPA 70E Expert Q&A or Play a Module for a Safety Meeting or Toolbox Talk.

Chicago Electrical Trauma Research Program now an Institute.
Most citations this month include electrical hazards. CETRI.ORG

Chicago Electrical Trauma Research Program, has now been expanded and renamed.  Dr. Raphael Lee wrote me about the changes this week.  The NEW Chicago Electrical Trauma Research Institute pioneers treatment of electrical injuries. This structure is setup to facilitate growth of the program to help survivors of electrical injury.
You can email CETRI at For a more rapid response call us at 1-800-516-8709

Their new address is:

Chicago Electrical Trauma Research Institute
4047 West 40th Street
Chicago, IL 60632-4215

Check out some of the excellent resources on their website.
The articles are fantastic and FREE.

Fines by OSHA on Electrical Hazards this Month
OSHA LogoMost citations this month include electrical hazards.

Click here to see the citations and our commentary.

NEW 5.5 oz 8 cal material Tecgen from Ashburn Hill
Many new materials in the past few months.

Ashburn Hill Tested three new ones this past month.

They say, “Unique patented TECGEN® fiber blend.  TECGEN® technology is bringing extreme comfort to the market. TECGEN® patented fiber has broken the weight barrier – 5.5 oz HRC 2 is now achievable.”  It was also certified by UL to meet NFPA 2112.

The data says:
AHC, Style TECGEN SELECT 100003, 5.25 oz/yd² 3×1 Twill, TECGEN SELECT Blend, Navy, Laund Wt 5.1 oz/yd²

NFPA 70E Training with a TWIST Offers Online & DVD NFPA 70E experts online to answer your questions
Want to do refresher training online or train a worker at a small location?

e-Hazard’s Best Training Now Online or DVD too!
Don’t use just any video and hope OSHA does cite you.
e-Hazard offers online OSHA Electrical Safety training.
–  Your workers do 7 modules with homework.
–  Just like our on-site 8 hour class.
–  No cut-down version this is our full training.
–  Live 1 hours Q&A session with a specialist.
The DVD version e-Hazard NFPA 70E Training includes:
–  Five e-Hazard workbooks
–  Five NFPA 70E Standards
–  A DVD you can use time and time again.
–  Live 1 hours Q&A session with a specialist.
–  Add live sessions and seats to your class for a $100.
So in our online and our DVD version we do something no competitor we know of does.  We get online with your worker, go over the homework assignments, answer questions and evaluate the training knowledge.  ONLY then does e-Hazard offer a certificate of training.  Just like in our classroom version. And unlike most of our competitors, you can have an NFPA 70E member answer your questions (members do not speak for NFPA).
e-Hazard recommends our live training for all initial training but now you have an option for refresher or stop gap training.
Use our Online modules for a Tool Box Talk.
You can even use the video modules for quick safety meetings to cover parts of the training your folks have already received from us or to supplement other training (no certificate without the live session for each worker but you can show the video in a training room for a high quality Toolbox Talk).  Most of the videos are less than 20 min long.

Tom Neal and Mike Lang Paper on Arc Testing with different electrode configurations
Arc Flash Basics Testing Update

e-Hazard’s Best Training Now Online or DVD too!
Arc testing research in Australia by Dr. David Sweet, in the US by Dr. Tom Neal and in Canada at Kinectrics by continue to show that our need for knowledge and more research continues.  It also shows that arc rated clothing works and perhaps even better than we guessed.  Dr. Neal’s paper looks at what I called an ejected arc in my recent Occupational Health and Safety article and discovers that faceshields and arc rated rainwear are more protective in ejeted arc because they block the plasma better than textiles.  He also discovers that ignitable clothing is easier to ignite in plasma than in the IR we see in the ASTM F1959 test.

Get IEEE-ESW 2011 in your calendar early
The premire electrical safety event of each year.IEEE ESW 2011

e-Hazard Trainers never miss this event.

This next year will be in Toronto, Canada and include a visit of the arc flash testing lab of Kinectrics.
Toronto, ON Canada January 24-28, 2011
Don’t miss it!

Our newsletter is sponsored by many companies around the world.  If you have ideas for articles or have questions, don’t hesitate to write.

Hugh Hoagland

13113 Eastpoint Park Blvd. Suite E
Louisville, KY 40223
PH: 502-314-7158 | 13113 Eastpoint Park Blvd. | STE E | Louisville | KY | 40223

Hugh Hoagland
About author:
Hugh Hoagland is the foremost tester of clothing and PPE exposed to electrical arcs and is an arc flash expert. Read more about Hugh.

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