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Arc Test Dates
Honeywell Offers to Buy Sperian
ASTM F1506 Adds Disposable and Limited Use Wear to Arc Ratings
ASTM Proposed Glove Test Method Blocked
NFPA 70E-2012 ROC Meeting
Updated NFPA 70B-2010 Out
ASTM F819 Terminology Updated
ArcFlash Blaster Seeks Partner or Sale
Burn Up the Myth: Wet suit and Sizing
NEW Arc Flash T-Shirt from PyroSafe by Antex
NFPA 70E Now Printed in South Africa by
Articles & Videos
OSHA Fines this Month

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e-Hazard Classes

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Low Voltage

Knoxville, TN
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Salt Lake City, UT
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Phoenix, AZ
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Billings, MT


Denver, CO
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Spokane, WA
Allentown, PA
San Francisco, CA
NESC 2007

Arc Flash Calculations for Utilities

(includes NESC Safety & Arc Flash Awareness)
[12 hrs]
Denver, CO
Train The Trainer
Louisville, KY
10/25/2010 – 10/28/2010

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Hugh Hoagland Speaking Engagements

Hugh Hoagland
Speaking at the
VPPPA Conference
Orlando World Center Resort & Convention Center
August 23-26, 2010
National Safety Council Expo
Oct 4-6, 2010
DOE Electrical Safety Workshop
Oct. 7, 2010

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May 2010

Dear ArcLetter Member,

The ArcWear™ Electric Arc and Flash Fire Newsletter NOW from too.

It is a quick update on Flame Resistant Clothing issues and news from OSHA and standards committees. The newsletter is FREE, reaches over 12,000 people and will bring you up to date on the issues that surround flame resistant clothing for flash fire hazards and the electric arc. For previous newsletters or to sign up, visit or

ArcWear™ Arc Testing Dates


May 31 – June 4

July  12 – 16
Aug 16 – 20
Sept 20 – 24
Oct 25 – 29
Nov 21 – 26
Dec 13 – 17
ASTM F1959, ASTM F2178, ASTM F887 fall protection arc testing and mannequin testing at the Kinectrics Lab in
Toronto on the dates above.
Ship materials or clothing to:

Hugh Hoagland
13113 Eastpoint Park Blvd.
Suite E
Louisville, KY
PH: 502-314-7158begin_of_the_skype_highlighting 502-314-7158 end_of_the_skype_highlighting
We must receive one week before the test date for sample preparation or make arrangements to ship to lab. New and non US/Canadian Customers must make payment before test date.  Testing is offered on a first come/first served basis with priority for consulting customers.  New policy: $100 per material for prep/washing and cutting panels and $150 for international report shipping. No guarantee is made of when testing will occur.

Honeywell (Salisbury) Offers to Buy Sperian

Big deal announced on Wednesday this week.  Honeywell purchased the PPE business of Sperian including Perfect Fit Gloves, Bacou-Dalloz, Howard Leight, Miller, and UVEX (only in the Americas). In 2008, Honeywell acquired Norcross Safety Products, North Safety, W.H. Salisbury and Fiber Metal.

Read the Honeywell Press Release.

ASTM F1506 Now Allows Disposable and Limited Wear Non-Wovens in the Standard for Arc Rating.

The ASTM F18 committee passed a change in the ASTM F1506 standard which will be published as ASTM F1506-10 in a few months a change which will allow non-woven, non-melting, flame resistant materials to recieve an arc rating.  This has been a couple of years in the making.  This allows materials like limited use Nomex, flame resistant Sontara and other materials to receive an arc rating and be labeled as complying with ASTM F1506.  Many companies manufacture materials which meet no arc and flame resistant standard and call them “flame resistant” citing test methods rather than specifications.  This type of labeling is at the best uninformed and at the worst, deceptive.

Now the right standards can be cited.  The IEC 61482-2 standard has not made this change to date but should follow suit.  Now end users can specify the ASTM F1506 standard.
For a copy of my white paper on brands which meet and don’t meet the new requirements, visit the website and sign up for the paper.
Note:ArcWear and e-Hazard DO NOT sell or PROMOTE specific arc rated clothing.  We support the industry with solid information.

ASTM Proposed Arc Glove Test Standard for Arc Rating blocked by 13 out of 200 members.

The ASTM F18 committee majority was stopped again from getting a test method for arc testing of gloves.  This time, as before, a small group of ex-utility “consultants” and three utility representatives were able to block the standard.  The F18 chair has a record of voting against all clothing and arc flash standards.  If you want to see F18 working toward safety standards, join the committee and attend the meetings.  The next meeting should be very interesting.  I encourage all NFPA 70E interested parties to join ASTM F18 and ASTM F18 subcommittees, attend the meetings and VOTE.  Bad things happen when good people do nothing.

NFPA 70E-2012 ROC Meeting & Sneak Peak
TO: Technical Committee on Electrical Safety in the Workplace

FROM: Jeffrey Sargent

DATE: March 26, 2010


Meeting Dates: October 25-29, 2010

Meeting Location: Hilton Savannah DeSoto
15 East Liberty Street
Savannah, Georgia  31401-3979
(912) 232-9000 Main Number
(912) 232-6018   Fax Number

The full Technical Committee meeting will begin at 8:00 a.m. on Monday, October 25th and is scheduled to adjourn on Friday, October 29th.
Jeff also put a quick sneak peak in his column on
It talks about the tables including DC from our DC Taskforce and my proposal and several other upcoming potential changes,  The report will be out on 6/25/2010 on the NFPA 70E Page.

Click here to see the NFPA 70E Page on

Read Jeff’s Sneak Peak at

NFPA 70B-2010 Revised and Out

The NFPA 70B Recommended Practice for Electrical Equipment Maintenance revision is out.

We recommend using this and the NETA MTS-2007 guide for electrical system maintenance.  These documents are critical to arc flash and reliability of electrical systems.

Though not officially a “safety” standard.  If a breaker fails to operate because of a lack of maintenance, the arc flash calculations will be off.  Sometimes catastrophically so.
You can order it in PDF or print.  All our trainers use this document in consulting.

ASTM F819 Terminology for Electrical Protection Revised

New Approved ASTM Standards
F819 – Standard Terminology Relating to Electrical Protective Equipment for Workers has been revised to F819-10
Just click on any new standard to view the document summary page and purchase the standard or visit and enter the standard designation number, such as F819, in the site search or by contacting ASTM’s customer service: PH: 610-832-9585 FAX: 610-832-9555 or (e-mail). For more detail regarding proposed revisions, click on the ‘See Related Work by this Subcommittee’ link on the document summary page.
Should you have an active online subscription, please access the appropriate URL.

ArcFlash Blaster Concept and Software for Sale

Michelle Murphy of Arc Flash Blaster LLC has designed software called Arc Flash Blaster.  It employs IEEE 1584 and NFPA 70E equations to solve an industry problem – how do you run your arc flash study without up-to-date drawings?  This software is designed for the field engineer to apply labels directly in the field.  It is one EASY step.
Collect the data, enter it into the calculator and print out your labels.  Use a laptop and a portable printer.  Later, download the pre-written reports and file away.
If you are interested in partnering with Michelle or purchasing her intellectual property, contact Michelle at, 509-942-1086.

It is designed to work with Brady printers so there might be an opportunity to partner with Brady for marketing purposes.

Michelle has done some of the programming for her approach but is looking for a partner or  a programmer to finalize the approach.

Burn Up The Myth: Wet Suits & Sizing in Arc Flash


1.) If my arc suit gets wet or saturated with water while I’m using it, does it offer the same level of FR protection?
2.) How does the manufacturer recommend the arc suit to fit my body?
Small amounts of sweat are not really an issue.

If you do have large amounts of sweat or water(rain), the suit can actually protect better unless the exposure is VERY large. In some cases, especially in firefighters, steam under turnout gear has burned workers. In a few tests we have shown that in some cases steam burns could decrease an arc rating slightly.  However water does not affect the ignitability of arc rated materials.  These garments will protect you better than something that can ignite.  In some cases we have seen steam burns when steam is captured under logos or reflective trims.  Most of these are in flash fire rather than arc flash.
Shock is more likely when large amounts of sweat are present in garment but arc rated clothing will not ignite and continue to burn so the worker is better off with arc-rated clothing on.

On sizing, a little bigger is good.  The rating is on a snug fitting fabric on a panel so with a little looseness we have seen slightly better results in testing.

You want the clothing large enough that you can cover all non-flame resistant materials completely so they do not ignite if worn and large enough to cover the whole body.

We know of no one burned in arc flash suits from sweat or sizing issues but making sure the suit is large enough and that, for instance, jeans don’t hang out under the arc suit legs is very important depending on the exposure.

e-Hazard Welcomes New Members of Our Team
On behalf of the partners at e-Hazard we’d like to extend our welcome to Lee Hale and William Huston. We are proud to add these two talented instructors to the e-Hazard team.

Lee Hale of Davenport, Iowa, is a principle member of the NFPA 70E committee with 32 years experience in electrical safety, engineering, and construction. He is also a member of two UL standard technical panels.
In his over 30 year career at Alcoa, Lee served as the electrical maintenance manager at their Davenport, IA aluminum rolling facility. He also authored Alcoa’s electrical arc flash engineering standard and twelve other electrical engineering standards. He is also an OSHA competent high voltage instructor for 1910.269, lockout/tag-out and electrical safety. Lee received the Arthur Vining Davis Award for Technical Excellence for his work on a 100′ mill modernization at Davenport Works. This milestone was one of fifteen such projects completed in Alcoa’s history.
Because of his expertise in electrical safety, with a focus on arc flash issues grew, Lee has been requested to speak numerous times by the NFPA Research Foundation, John Deere, Monsanto, Cargill, International Paper, Closure Systems International, QC Associated Employers, NECA, IBEW and others.
William Huston of Indianapolis, IN is an experienced safety professional previously with Exelon with duties and responsibilities in safety management, fire protection, emergency response and industrial hygiene. Dedicated to making a positive impact by reducing injury/illness rates and workers’ compensation costs through efficient and effective safety management. Strong background in evaluating and interpreting OSHA, MSHA, NFPA and DOT standards, assessing regulatory compliance and accident investigations. William believes in demonstrated skills in developing and implementing programs to reduce and prevent occupational injuries and illnesses, as well as training. Committed to working towards a motivated, team oriented environment to achieve a safe, productive, and profitable workplace.
Click Here to learn more about our e-hazard team and to view our Google map for locations of trainers near you.

NEW Arc Test Results

NEW T-Shirt Shirt Combo
Antex, Westex IUS Style 301, 7oz/yd² Twill, 88% Cotton 12% Nylon, Khaki, LW 7.7 oz/yd² OVER Antex Style 545CFR, 5.5 oz/yd² Jersey Knit, 100% Cotton, Navy, LW 6.1 oz/yd²
ATPV=27.2 cal/cm²

Antex, Style 1852 FX, 7 oz/yd² Knit Interlock, 100% Cotton, Khaki, LW 7.4 oz/yd²
ATPV=9.0 cal/cm²
Alan Gitomer
Dennis James

e-Hazard Trains and Prints NFPA 70E in South Africa operating in South Africa now prints NFPA 70E for all companies in South Africa to support electrical safety.

The SABS (South African Bureau of Standards) has released a new standard this month covering shock and arc flash but not giving strong guidance other than on PPE standards.  Many industries in the country are now using NFPA 70E or CSA Z462.  The Canadian standard is more IEC friendly.
Click Here to see the SABS standard website. The SANS 714 standard will be published shortly.
Click Here to read an article on arc flash from a South African point of view.

e-Hazard has licensed NFPA 70E and now prints these under license from NFPA.

Articles & Video on Arc Flash

Here are some articles published recently on arc flash and electrical safety.


Click here to see the latest articles including two new ones from Hugh Hoagland and the e-Hazard team.
Four New Videos This Month.  More coming
Use for Certification Training with our exclusive NFPA 70E Expert Q&A or Play a Module for a Safety Meeting or Toolbox Talk.

Fines by OSHA on Electrical Hazards this Month
Most citations this month include electrical hazards.

Fuse used
Click here to see the citations and our commentary.

Our newsletter is sponsored by many companies around the world.  If you have ideas for articles or have questions, don’t hesitate to write.

Hugh Hoagland

13113 Eastpoint Park Blvd. Suite E
Louisville, KY 40223
PH: 502-314-7158
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