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IEEE/IAS 2011 Electrical Safety Workshop
FLASH Poll: Metal Snaps
Survey: Would you like to see arc ratings on gloves?
OSHA Fines this Month
7 Electrical Safety Habits DVD Now On Sale
NFPA 70E ROC Webinar
Arc Flash Tour part of ESW 2011 in Toronto
NEW Electrical Safety Program Guide For Sale
Chinese Electric Utility Arc Flash Safety Standard
NEW Electrical Safety Articles & Video
e-Hazard Classes
Low Voltage

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3/14/2010 – 3/17/2010
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Hugh Hoagland Speaking Engagements
Hugh Hoagland & Drake Drobnick
IDT Arc Flash Conference
Johannesburg, South Africa
Nov. 23-26, 2010
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October 2010

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The ArcWear™ Electric Arc and Flash Fire Newsletter NOW from too.

It is a quick update on Flame Resistant Clothing issues and news from OSHA and standards committees. The newsletter is FREE, reaches over 12,000 people and will bring you up to date on the issues that surround flame resistant clothing for flash fire hazards and the electric arc. For previous newsletters or to sign up, visit or

IEEE/IAS-2011 Electrical Safety Workshop
IEEE IAS 2011 Electrical Safety Workshop
IEEE ESW 2010Sheraton Centre
Toronto, Ontario
January 24-28, 2011
Most of you are familiar with the Electrical Safety Workshop sponsored by the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE) Industry Application Society (IAS). This is by far the best event for electrical safety I attend all year.
We will have a Arc Flash Lab Visit one day this year with special exhibitions. You don’t want to miss this year’s event. The arc flash test lab visit is sponsored by ArcWear, e-Hazard, Kinectrics, Salisbury by Honeywell, Nasco Industries, & Tyndale FR.

Click here to sign up for the Kinectrics Lab Tour on Tuesday Jan 24, 2011.
The next workshop will be held January 24-28, 2011 at the Sheraton Centre Toronto, in Downtown Toronto, Ontario. The exhibits program will be held on Wednesday, January 26, from 3-6pm.
Visit for more information.

Flash Poll Continues: Metal Snaps in NFPA 70E
The flash poll takes only 2 minutes.
Metal Snaps on Arc-Rated Clothing Poll
The majority of the 122 respondents so far disagree with me (which is great to know).  Metal snaps on clothing for arc flash MUST be covered on the back to prevent heat transfer but they are currently allowed by ASTM F1506.  One respondent noted that the metal snaps on the cuff would be the most hazard but they are covered by his rubber insulating gloves.
What do you think?
Make a comment on the blog by clicking here.

Survey: Would you like to see arc ratings on gloves?
Click here to take the arc rating of gloves survey. We’ll publish the results next month.

Fines by OSHA on Electrical Hazards this Month
Most citations this month include electrical hazards. Over $1 million in September.

Fuse used
Click here to see the citations and our commentary.

7 Electrical Safety Habits DVD Now Available

Many have heard Drake Drobnick, Al Havens or Hugh Hoagland give the 7 Electrical Safety Habits Presentation.  Now you can have this 45 min training on DVD for your safety meeting.

Get across the 7 habits that save electrical workers lives time after time.

7 Electrical Safety Habits

Purchase the DVD from and receive our handouts and test for free to document the training.

Visit the e-Hazard online store for many other DVD’s and resources for electrical safety training.

7 Electrical Safety Habits DVD Online Purchase Electrical Safety Training Store

NFPA 70E-2012 ROC Webinar
The ROC comments are on the NFPA 70E Site and the ROC meeting is going on this week. is sponsoring a webinar in December 15, 2010 at 10 AM EDT to discuss the proposed changes based on the ROC meeting with Occupational Health and Safety Magazine.

This Webinar will be with members of the NFPA 70E committee and taskforces.  The vote is not final but the class will explain the upcoming changes likely to come and give companies seeking best practices to see what may be coming and how to comply before the October 2011 publication of the 2012 standard.

Opinions expressed in this webinar will not be the opinion of the NFPA committee but the members will try to give feel of the committee by representing different points of view on the key proposals affecting companies.

Participating will be:

Visit the Webinar. Click the UPCOMING tab to see and sign up for the NFPA 70E-2012 Preview Changes Webinar.

2011 ESW Technical Tours at Kinectrics High Current Tech Lab
Register for an exclusive tour of the Kinectrics High Current Tech Lab in Toronto, ON taking place on January 25, 2011.

Click here, for more information or contact Mike Doherty at

Just Published: The Electrical Safety Program Guide, Second Edition
Based on the 2009 NFPA 70E® and current OSHA regulations, The Electrical Safety Program Guide, Second Edition takes you step-by-step through the creation of an electrical safety program. Written by industry experts Ray A. Jones and Jane G. Jones, the book explains plan development from conception through finalization for a plan tailored to a company’s unique environment. A new chapter provides guidelines for when work on energized conductors should be permitted, including an extensive discussion of “infeasibility,” as used by OSHA and NFPA 70E, and a new appendix addresses how to safely test for absence of voltage.

The Second Edition explores the full range of issues involved in developing a comprehensive electrical safety program and provides guidance and resources to resolve them. Extensive appendices include a wealth of practical and time-saving tools such as checklists, sample budgets, a personal protective equipment matrix, and permits. A CD-ROM is included and contains all checklists and forms from the book, an awareness-training program, and a draft sample program that can be used as the beginning point for a company to develop its own comprehensive electrical safety program

Chinese Arc Flash Draft Utility Standard Focus of Suzhou Utility Conference

Hugh Hoagland recently did 2 hours of training on ASTM and IEC Arc Flash standards in Suzhou as part of the Suzhou Nuclear Power Institute Conference.  About 35 utilities were present.  China has a new draft standard requiring arc rated clothing for electric utility workers.  The Chinese government is also drafting a standard for other electrical workers and the government official in charge of this standard was in attendance.

His presentation emphasized the need for all electrical safety point out that more persons die from shock than arc flash but that arc-rated clothing using the ASTM or the IEC methods will save lives in most cases.  e-Hazard has translated some of its training materials into Chinese and makes training materials available to companies to use in any country with a license.

Sneak peek of the utility draft standard includes an unusual requirement of a minimum ATPV AND a minimum EBT.  It is likely the officials believed that EBT was a good predictor of under layer ignition.  It may not be.  Recently I did a few tests of an ejected arc and EBT by the traditional method wasn’t a good protector.  In fact we tested two fabrics with similar EBT’s and one took twice as much energy to ignite as the other.  The Chinese draft standard includes a 12 cal/cm² ATPV requirement and an 18 cal/cm² EBT requirement.  Looks to be product based in the draft version. Never good to be product based on a specification.

New Electrical Safety Articles & Video
We scour the web for the BEST articles.
Here are some articles published recently on arc flash and electrical safety.

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ASTM F1959, ASTM F2178, ASTM F887 fall protection arc testing and mannequin testing at the Kinectrics Lab in
Toronto on the dates above.
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Hugh Hoagland
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New policies:
  • $100 per material for prep/washing and cutting panels ($200 for items arriving less than 7 days before test date to cover preparation overtime)
  • $150 for international hard copy report shipping or notarization requests.

No guarantee is made of when testing will occur but we usually test the month of receipt.
Our newsletter is sponsored by many companies around the world.  If you have ideas for articles or have questions, don’t hesitate to write.

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Hugh Hoagland
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Hugh Hoagland is the foremost tester of clothing and PPE exposed to electrical arcs and is an arc flash expert. Read more about Hugh.

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