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Updated 2012 Classes
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Q&A:Reducing Maintenance Switch
Q&A:Reducing Maintenance Switch
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Train the Trainer Class
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e-Hazard Trainer Speaking Events

e-Hazard Trainers including Hugh Hoagland, Bill Shinn, Lee Hale, Drake Drobnick, Al Havens, Daleep Mohla and others speak at events all over the world. Here are some events where you can find us:



Los Alamos, NM

October 8 – October 12, 2012

Hugh Hoagland


National Safety Council 

Orlando, FL    October 21- October 26, 2012

Hugh Hoagland


Upcoming Classes


NFPA 70E 2012 Electrical Safety in the Workplace 


  NFPA 70E-2012 CLASSES 



Evansville, IN

September 5, 2012


Greensboro, NC

September 28, 2012


Denver, CO

October 2, 2012


Decatur, AL

October 9, 2012


Louisville, KY

December 3, 2012


Phoenix, AZ

January 22, 2013


Louisville, KY

March 4, 2013


Deerfield, IL

March 5, 2013





Louisville, KY

December 4, 2012


Louisville, KY

March 5, 2013





LV HV Train the Trainer

Louisville, KY

December 3-6, 2012


Louisville, KY

March 4-7, 2013





Click here to view e-Hazard training calendar.

2012 NSC Expo
 National Safety Council Congress & Expo
October 21-26, 2012
Orlando, FL
Featured Product
Dickie's Electrician's Belt

Featured Product
NEW ArcSuspender with arc tested clips
Arc Flash Suspender Detail
Arc Flash Suspender
Featured Product

Carhartt Electrician's Belt

2013 IEEE Expo

 IEEE ESW 2010

IEEE IAS 2013 Electrical Safety Workshop

Anatole Hilton Hotel

Dallas, TX

March 11-15, 2013

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Updated 2012 Classes
LV Book Cover  
Over 350 trainers have been through the Low Voltage (LV) and High Voltage (HV) Train the Trainer course with e-Hazard, and are qualified to teach using e-Hazard materials.  More trainers use e-Hazard training materials than all our competitors combined. 
Come to a class or attend our  Train the Trainer course and experience the e-Hazard difference.  Competitors welcome.
 Low Voltage
Low Voltage Refresher
 High Voltage 
High Voltage Refresher
LV & HV Train the Trainer
 Operator’s Class
OSHA 10 Hour
We also schedule on-site custom  classes at your place of employment.  E-Hazard can design a training program around your company’s unique electric safety program needs. We’ve designed specific training for several industries around the country and around the world including petrochemical, waste management, welding, automotive, communications, military, metals and much more.
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AUGUST  2012

Dear ArcLetter Member,


The ArcWear™ Electric Arc and Safety Newsletter provides a quick update on Arc Rated and Flame Resistant Clothing issues and news from OSHA and standards committees. The newsletter is FREE, reaches over 14,000 people and will bring you up to date on the issues that surround flame resistant clothing for flash fire hazards and the electric arc. For previous newsletters or to sign up, visit or

July Survey Results:  Barricading


 1. Do you require an energized permit for all energized work?

2012 August Survey 1     



2. Is the permit physically signed or digital?

 2012 August survey 2  

“Other” Comment by Survey Taker:  Physically signed by foreman, verbally approved and documented by Project Manager




3. Do you have exclusions to a signed permit for common energized tasks (ie, changing lighting ballast) when the worker is trained?

2012 August Survey 3 




4. Which levels of your company are able to sign energized work permits?

2012 August Survey 4   

August Survey:   

For your electrical safety program, which of the following standards do you use?
OSHA 1910.300 Series
NESC (National Electric Safety Code)
OSHA 1910.269
CSA Z462
CAN / ULS-S801
NEMS 09 Australia
EU Regulations


Fines by OSHA on Electrical Hazards


Most citations include electrical hazards.


OSHA Logo  



Click here to see the citations and our commentary.  



Q&A:   Arc Flash Hazard Reducing Maintenance Switch

Fuse used


Q:  I work for a coal fire electrical power company as a Safety Manager.  We’ve just installed an arc flash hazard reducing maintenance switch on our electrical switchgear.  When enabled, the arc flash hazard reducing maintenance switch has lowered the arc flash hazard from an Extreme hazard to a Category 2 hazard.

     Is there any regulatory agency (NESC, OSHA, NEC) that addresses arc flash hazard reducing maintenance switches pertaining to the labeling requirements?  Do you apply a second (informational label – different color) to the switchgear identifying the arc flash hazard information when the arc flash hazard reducing maintenance switch is enabled?

     Thanks very much, LS


Hugh:  Either should be fine as long as it is clear AND the applicable employees are trained on what it means.


DOUG BLACK: I installed several of these systems with “maintenance mode”. The labeling we used explained both levels and we had visual indicator lights to show when maintenance mode was active. Some of our systems utilized a safety rated proximity sesnor to automatically switch to maintenance mode when a person gets within proximity to operate a breaker. This feature eliminates the possibility of forgetting to put the system back in normal mode.  Thank you, Doug Black, PE


Bob FuhrI believe that if you train your personnel and put both labels on the equipment that you will meet the intent of NFPA 70E. The lower AF Label should clearly state that this for “maintenance switch” mode.  Bob Fuhr


  Email e-Hazard or ArcWear with a question!


ArcWear™ Arc Testing Dates

ArcWear™ Testing
Sept 17-21
Oct 29-Nov 2
Nov 26-30
Dec 10-14
Jan 14-18


ASTM F1959, ASTM F2178, ASTM F887 fall protection arc testing and mannequin testing are scheduled at the Kinectrics Lab in Toronto on the dates above.   

Ship materials or clothing to:   
Hugh Hoagland
13113 Eastpoint Park Blvd.
Suite E
Louisville, KY
PH: 502-333-0510   
We must receive materials or clothing one week before the test date for sample preparation, or make arrangements to ship to the lab in Canada. New and non US/Canadian Customers must make payment before test date.  Testing is offered on a first come/first served basis with priority for consulting customers. 
  • $100 per material for prep/washing and cutting panels; ($200 for items arriving less than 7 days before test date to cover preparation overtime)
  • $200 for shipping a signed hard-copy report internationally

No guarantee is made of when testing will occur; we do all in our power to test within one month of receipt.  


All testing is performed at Kinectrics High Current lab in Toronto, Canada.  Kinectrics is an ISO 17025 accredited lab by the Standards Council of Canada.
Click here to visit Arc Test Data.
Click here to visit past Arc Flash Articles.

Electrical Safety News

Ohio cites City of Struthers over Arc Flash Explosion Resulting in 2 Deaths

09-05-2012 12:51:39 PM

The Ohio Bureau of Workers Compensation cited the City of Struthers following the death of two maintenance men who were severely burned when an explosion occured while working on wiring in the waste-treatment plant’s gas-compression room. The notice includes: the workers were not given enough space to work away from grounded and ungrounded pipes and […]…»

09-05-2012 12:48:31 PM

A New Zealand man who was working in a cherry picker harvesting avocados was electrocuted twice when the cage struck high power lines last year. The Court awarded the orchard worker $75k and fined Avo-Plus $10k. “AVO-Plus Limited should have identified an exclusion zone of trees under and adjacent to the power lines, ensured employees […]…»

SeaWorld San Antonio worker dies after electric shock
09-05-2012 12:46:53 PM

An employee of SeaWorld San Antonio was working on a heating and air conditioning unit on a rooftop at the park when he received a fatal electric shock. Apparently he reached into the unit to measure how much current it was receiving. Click here to read the news article dated 8/27/12.…»

OSHA proposes more than $67,000 in fines to Philadelphia dishwasher manufacturer for workplace hazards
09-05-2012 12:46:28 PM

Insinger Machine Co. of Philadelphia, PA, was cited by OSHA with proposed fines of $67.45k for violations including failing to correct electrical hazards, provide barriers and shields to protect employees from rays generated by welding operations, and control potentially hazardous energy. Click here to read the OSHA News Release dated 8/8/12.…»

OSHA cites Hebco Products in Bucyrus, Ohio, for 14 violations, including exposing workers to amputation hazards
09-05-2012 12:46:01 PM

Hebco Products Inc. of Bucyrus, OH, was cited by OSHA with proposed finees of $95.7k for violations including failing to document and use machine-specific procedures to prevent the unexpected start up of equipment, failing to provide personal protective equipment for workers handling sulfuric acid, conduct annual periodic inspections of energy control procedures, ensure that workers […]…»

Alabama furniture manufacturer cited by US Department of Labor’s OSHA for exposing workers to combustible dust, other hazards
09-05-2012 12:45:16 PM

Scholar Craft Products Inc. dba Melsur Corp. of Birmingham, AL, was cited by OSHA with proposed fines of $94.5k for violations including failing to develop and use “lockout/tagout” procedures when performing equipment maintenance and servicing, maintain the dust collection system to prevent potential fires or explosions, install dust collection systems in areas where combustible dust […]…»

OSHA cites Gainesville, Ga., recycler for exposing workers to safety and health hazards
09-05-2012 12:41:43 PM

World Recycling Inc. of Gainesville, GA, was cited with proposed penalties of $74.4k for violations including failing to create a lockout/tagout program to control the energy sources of equipment during maintenance and repair work, and develop and implement a written hazard communication program. Additional violations include improperly installing an outlet box; having unused openings in […]…»

OSHA cites Koswire in Flowery Branch, Ga., for willful and serious violations following worker fatality
09-05-2012 12:40:28 PM

Koswire Inc. of Flowery Branch, GA, was cited with proposed fines of $145k for violations including failing to provide covers on junction boxes and certify workplace personal protective equipment. The inspection followed the death of an employee at the facility. Click here to read the OSHA News Release dated 8/27/12.…»

Downed Power Line Electrocutes Good Samaritans
09-05-2012 12:40:03 PM

Two people were electrocuted in San Diego when they attempted to rescue a driver from a car accident, stepping into energized water due to a downed power line. Click here to read the Daily News post dated 8/23/12. San Diego Gas & Electtric (SDG&E) offers safety reminders regarding power lines. Click here to read the […]…»

OSHA cites Birdsboro, Pa., company for exposing workers to safety and health hazards; proposed fines total $140,000
08-31-2012 11:38:32 AM

MVP Kosher Foods LLC of Birdsboro, PA, was cited by OSHA with proposed fines of $140k for violations including failing to develop lockout/tagout procedures and training to prevent the inadvertent start up of a machine, protect workers from energized conductors, use flexible cords for proper purposes, prevent employees from working on live electrical parts, provide […]…»




Train the Trainer Class

E-Hazard offers ‘Train the Trainer‘ courses several times per year.  This 3-or-4 day intensive training program is designed to prepare qualified trainers to deliver instruction to others based on NFPA 70E and OSHA requirements. e-Hazard started this training to “raise the bar” in the electrical industry.  Most of the safety training companies require you to hire their trainers.  We offer this but we also provide training materials and trainer “training” and coaching so you can develop in-house expertise without “breaking the bank”. See what over 400 other trainers are saying about the e-Hazard TTT class and our materials.


  Click below for more information regarding upcoming TTT classes:

December 3rd – December 6th, 2012

March 4th – March 7th, 2013




  Fuse used


2012 Ugly’s Electrical Safety News
Ugly’s Electrical Safety and NFPA 70E 2012 Edition has just been published and is available for purchase:
20% Discount Coupon Code: UGLYSNFPA


New IsoArc Electrical Insulating Gloves

Redbank Instruments have recently released the IsoArc glove, a combination of electrical insulating gloves that feature arc flash protection up to 21 cal/cm2.  I recently tested these at Kinectrics with the new proposed IEC glove test.


Click here to visit Ferret/Redbank Instruments’ webpage. 

Social Media  

Layering Results for Polartec Power Dry t-Shirts over Various Woven Shirts

Access our ArcWear website for layering data on various fabrics. 


Recently Polartec did layering tests of their lightweight moisture-managing t-shirt fabric underneath some of the leading FR wovens to create functional and lightweight layering systems.  Here are their results:


 Polartec Layering Data 

These Arc-Testing Layered reports were provided by Polartec as tested at the Kinectrics Lab:


5.2oz Polartec Power Dry t-shirt under 5.5oz Westex Indura Ultra Soft


5.2oz Polartec Power Dry t-shirt under 6.0oz Milliken Amplitude woven shirt


5.2oz Polartec Power Dry t-shirt under 5.5oz Reliant woven shirt


5.2oz Polartec Power Dry t-shirt under 7.0oz Westex Indura Ultra Soft

Comment from Student

 Social Media

 Following is a comment shared on an evaluation form submitted at the conclusion of a recent e-Hazard Low Voltage Qualified NPFA 70E Electrical Workplace Safety training class:


“……..probably saved my life taking this class.” 


OSHA Publications on Heat Illness

OSHA has developed heat illness educational materials in English and Spanish, as well as a curriculum to be used for workplace training.


Additional information and resources on heat illness – including how to prevent it and what to do in case of an emergency – can be found at


OSHA also has released a free application for mobile devices that enables workers and supervisors to monitor the heat index at their work sites. The app displays a risk level for workers based on the heat index, as well as reminders about protective measures that should be taken at that risk level. Available for Android-based platforms and the iPhone, the app can be downloaded in both English and Spanish by visiting

 Click here to read the OSHA News Release dated 8/22/12.



2013 IEEE ESW Expo Date Set

Next year’s IEEE IAS Electrical Safety Workshop will be held at the Anatole Hilton Hotel in Dallas, TX, from March 11-15, 2013.


Click here to visit the 2013 IEEE IAS Electrical Safety Workshop webpage.


  IEEE ESW 2010

Social Media

We want to engage in a two-way conversation with you! Join us in the social media space of your choice and we’ll keep you up-to-date on industry news, articles, upcoming events, trends, new products and more. We look forward to connecting with you.


Click here to visit our Social Media page.



Social Media

 NESC® Revision Info

July 15, 2013, is the final date to receive change proposals from the public for revision of the 2012 edition of the NESC®.  The next version will be publication of a 2017 edition.


Click here to view the time schedule for the next NESC® revision. 


You may submit your change proposals and/or comments online via the NESC® website by downloading templates and completing as instructed.


Click here to visit the NESC® Electronic Revision webpage.



Meet the Support Team


Meet several more of the ArcWear/e-Hazard support team:


Leslie Newman-White – Powerpoint Presentation Specialist

Leslie continually works with the e-Hazard powerpoint presentations, student workbooks, and instructor workbooks to keep them updated and fresh, as well as working in-tandem with instructors in creating customized products for specific company’s safety training programs. 


Janice Reynolds

Janice Reynolds – Sales Coordinator 

Janice is working with clients in setting-up on-site classes, as well as assisting our team members who perform arc flash studies.


Contact us if we may assist you.

Travels by an e-Hazard Instructor

e-Hazard is a network of professional, independent experts in electrical safety, with more than 200 years of combined experience in arc flash and electrical safety training.


Following is an example of a team member’s travels:


Zarheer Jooma P.E., our Africa and Middle East Instructor, presented the e-Hazard Low Voltage Qualified training to the South African Institute of Electrical Engineers in Johannesburg on  26 July 2012.


He was also recently in Europe (Germany, Austria and Czech Republic) undertaking Factory Acceptance Tests for high voltage switchgear panels with cutting edge technology to help improve operator safety. The switchgear specified by Zarheer encompasses fully automated operations such as racking and closing via SCADA.   


Zarheer presented the Low Voltage Qualified training to Richards Bay Minerals in KwaZulu Natal, South Africa.


He also presented the Low Voltage and High Voltage Qualified Training to Rio Tinto Coal Mine at the TETE Training Centre in Mozambique. The winter temperatures reached the lower 30 Degrees Celsius, beautiful winter weather. Below is a picture of the sun setting over the Zambezi River.Zambezi River


Contact us if we may assist you with scheduling on-site trainings, custom safety classes, or onsite audits.

Our newsletter is sponsored by many companies around the world.  If you have ideas for articles or have questions, don’t hesitate to write.



Hugh Hoagland

13113 Eastpoint Park Blvd. Suite E
Louisville, KY 40223
Office: 502-333-0510

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