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February 2011
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The ArcWear™ Electric Arc and Safety Newsletter is NOW from too.

The newsletter provides a quick update on Arc Rated and Flame Resistant Clothing issues and news from OSHA and standards committees. The newsletter is FREE, reaches over 14,000 people and will bring you up to date on the issues that surround flame resistant clothing for flash fire hazards and the electric arc. For previous newsletters or to sign up, visit or
Survey Results from AF Protection Provided
What PPE does your company provide?

Arc Flash Gear Poll 11Jan
Survey: What electrical safety training do you provide and how often?
The new NFPA 70E 2012 is likely to require min of 3 year training and OSHA requires some annual training. What does your site do?
Last Chance for Train the Trainer NFPA 70E in March!
Train the Trainer lets you use all the e-Hazard training materials for your company. Even if you compete with e-Hazard training, our mission is to provide the best training materials for electrical safety training. Anyone qualified to train on electrical safety can use our materials after attending this Train the Trainer. Our class is approved in more states than any NFPA 70E class and taught by over 300 trainers in the US and around the world. When you purchase e-Hazard workbooks you are supporting our research and up-to-the-date materials.
The class was taught by Hugh Hoagland, Arc Flash Specialist and Bill Shinn, Electrical Safety Engineer.
Monday March 14, 2011 at 8:00 AM EDT -to- Thursday March 17, 2011 at 5:00 PM EDT
Fairfield Inn and Suites by Marriot Louisville
Fines by OSHA on Electrical Hazards this Month
Most citations this month include electrical hazards.

Fuse used
Click here to see the citations and our commentary.
New Electrical Safety Articles & Video
We scour the web for the BEST articles.
Here are some articles published recently on arc flash and electrical safety.
NEW Articles
Click here to see the latest articles on arc flash and safety.
ArcWear™ Arc Testing Dates

February 21-25
March 21-25
April 18-22
May 2-6
June 13-17
July 5-9
August 15-19
Sept 12-16
Oct 11-16
Nov 7-11
Dec 12-16
ASTM F1959, ASTM F2178, ASTM F887 fall protection arc testing and mannequin testing at the Kinectrics Lab in
Toronto on the dates above.
Ship materials or clothing to:
Hugh Hoagland
13113 Eastpoint Park Blvd.
Suite E
Louisville, KY
PH: 502-333-0510
We must receive one week before the test date for sample preparation or make arrangements to ship to lab. New and non US/Canadian Customers must make payment before test date. Testing is offered on a first come/first served basis with priority for consulting customers.
New policies:
  • $100 per material for prep/washing and cutting panels ($200 for items arriving less than 7 days before test date to cover preparation overtime)
  • $150 for international hard copy report shipping or notarization requests.
No guarantee is made of when testing will occur but we usually test the month of receipt.
Upcoming Training Events

Upcoming Events
Tuesday March 8, 2011 from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM EST
Border States/BSE
Monday March 14, 2011 at 8:00 AM EDT -to- Thursday March 17, 2011 at 5:00 PM EDT
Fairfield Inn and Suites by Marriot Louisville
Tuesday April 12, 2011 from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM EDT
Low Voltage Qualified NFPA 70E
Holiday Inn – Decatur, AL
Tuesday May 10, 2011 from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM EDT
NFPA 70E Low Voltage Qualified Training
Wayest Training Facility
Tuesday May 17, 2011 from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM EDT
Arc Flash Class Low Voltage Qualified
Border States Training Room
Blog Entries This Month
Global Standards on Arc Rated PPE
02-21-2011 21:02:18 PM
Good article that outlines standard specifications and test methods for arc rated PPE. Click here to read more about Global Standards on Arc Rated PPE
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New Zealand firm fined following near-fatal electrical incident
02-21-2011 21:01:32 PM
An Otago, New Zealand firm has been fined $36K and order to pay the injured worker $15K in emotional harm reparation following an electrical incident that severly burned The employee was received severe burns when the metal spouting he was working with hit 11kV power lines at the property where he was working. Click here to read more about Otago incident fine
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OSHA fines Boston hospital $63K for electrical violations
02-21-2011 21:00:59 PM
A Boston hospital faces $63,000 in OSHA fines for alleged “repeat and serious violations” of electrical safety standards following an investigation that resulted from a complaint from an employee. Click here to read more about the OSHA fines at Boston Hospital
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Ontario company fined $81K following electrical shock incident
02-16-2011 22:41:18 PM
An Ontario Canada company was fined a total of $81K following a serious accident that occurred in 2009. A worker was seriously hurt and underwent an amputation after coming in contact with a crane’s hook and receiving an electrical shock. Click here to read more about Ontario electrical shock incident
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Electrical Vehicles: Do they pose a threat to first responders?
02-16-2011 22:40:26 PM
Electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids are powered by high-voltage batteries. These batteries can be in excess of 400 volts. When responding to an accident, are first responders safe to use power cutters on the vehicle? This is a good question. There will need to be training on these cars. They are the future but all new technologies require new ways of dealing with them. Click here to read mor…
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Connecticut worker receives electrical burn to face while working on utility pole
02-16-2011 22:39:07 PM
According to the story an employee of a Connecticut company suffered an “electrical shock” while in a bucket working on a utility pole. A nearby lineman used bolt cutters to free the wires from his injured co-worker and pulled him into his own bucket. The injured man suffered burn injuries to the face and was sent to the hospital’s burn unit where he is in stable condition. From the description…
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Arc Flash Incident in Hotel on Grand Cayman Injures Electrician
02-16-2011 22:26:33 PM
An electrician who was performing an electrical inspection at the Marriott Hotel on Grand Cayman was burned when the electrical panel box exploded. He was taken to the hospital with burns to his face, hands and arms. Arc flash doesn’t just happen in industrial settings. This is the second person we have seen burned in a hotel. All electricians need electrical safety training and proper PPE. C…
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Jury trial set in man’s fatal electrocution wrongful death lawsuit against Kansas City Power and Light
02-11-2011 17:05:06 PM
The jury trial has been set for July 2012 in the wrongful death case against KCP&L by the parents of a roofer who was fatally electrocuted while putting on a roof. The roofer reached for a weather vane that was connected to the ground and came in contact with a uninsulated split bolt connector. The cause of death was determined to be electrocution. Click here to read more about the lawsuit aga…
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Hugh Hoagland
13113 Eastpoint Park Blvd. Suite E
Louisville, KY 40223
PH: 502-314-7158 | 13113 Eastpoint Park Blvd. | STE E | Louisville | KY | 40223

Hugh Hoagland
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Hugh Hoagland is the foremost tester of clothing and PPE exposed to electrical arcs and is an arc flash expert. Read more about Hugh.

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