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January 2014
OSHA T&D Partnership with IBEW, EEI, NECA and Large Utility Contractors Renewed 


OSHA has renewed its strategic partnership with electrical transmission and distribution contractors and associations to reduce worker injuries, deaths.  The Partnership provides a specialized OSHA 30 hr. training on 1910.269 (which is slated to be updated any day in form of a final rule) focused on construction of power lines.  The class has been well received, and effective. The sharing of best practices among the partnership has been successful in preventing many injuries and fatalities.
Read more on this important partnershipSee OSHA’s Press Release

ArcWear ISO 17025 Accreditation

We are excited to announce ArcWear’s
ISO 17025 Accreditation
which was granted by A2LA on January 2, 2014.
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See our scope of accreditation.

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Q&A with e-Hazard/ArcWear:

Burning Question

Q.We have several older electrical drives cabinets with inverters inside. They have had arc flash analysis done and are rated at either level 0 or 1. We have to adjust the inverter settings at times on the keypads. The keys are too small to wear a glove and press the buttons. How should my electricians suit up in this situation?  

A.This task is not normally a shock hazard so the arc flash requirement is all that would apply.  We would recommend a very lightweight leather glove rated to the hazard or any arc rated glove.  NFPA 70E requires a min of 0.7mm thickness but this is on unrated gloves.  The rated gloves can be MUCH thinner to meet HRC 0 or 1.  I’d suggest looking at something from Revco, Ansell, Youngstown Glove, Mechanix Wear, Midas Safety CarbonX or any glove which has been rated to the ASTM F2675. There are many very useful gloves for this type of task.  When there is a shock hazard there is no substitute for voltage rated gloves but many tasks have no shock hazard and an arc rated glove is less costly and much thinner.


— Hugh Hoagland

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Upcoming Classes
Low Voltage QualifiedDetails
Denver-Castle Rock, CO
Cleveland, OH 2/11/14
Federal Way, WA 2/12/14
Wilmington,DE 2/18/14
Salt Lake City, UT 2/18/14
Evansville, IN 2/19/14
Kansas City-Platte City, MO 2/25/14
Bismarck, ND 2/27/14
San Diego, CA 3/4/14
Louisville, KY 3/10/14
Denver, CO 3/18/14
Valdosta, GA 3/18/14
Deerfield, IL 3/25/14
High Voltage QualifiedDetails
2/19 – 2/19/14
2/18 – 2/19/14
3/4 – 3/5/14
3/10 – 3/11/14
3/18 – 3/19/14
5/6 – 5/7/14
For more information on all the classes offered by e-Hazard, visit our website at or via email at
Training and Testing Needs
 Train the Trainer 

This training program is designed to prepare qualified trainers to deliver instruction based on NFPA 70E and OSHA requirements.


What people are saying:

This was one of the best “Arc Flash” classes I’ve been through. Much better than your market competition! From instructors to materials, e-Hazard has exceeded my expectations! Thank you…(Also, food & night out was great)” 

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Upcoming Class
3/10/13 – 3/13/13
Louisville, KY
6/16 – 6/19/14
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Arc Flash Testing for Protective Apparel 

Testing Dates 2014
January 13-17
February 17-21
March 24-28
April 22-28
May 12-17
June 23-28
Arc Flash Testing on Fabric
Arc Flash Testing on Fabric



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CEC’s for BICSI Members

Members of BICSI, the association of information technology systems workers, may now receive credit for e-Hazard electrical safety courses. Effective December 26, 2013, BICSI recognizes Electrical Workplace Safety NFPA 70E Low Voltage Qualified training for 7 BICSI ITS Continuing Education Credits (CECs).

BICSI issues CECs to support renewal of the following BICSI credentials:

RCDD; RITP; RTPM; DCDC; ESS; NTS; OSP; WD; Installer 2, Copper;  Installer 2, Optical Fiber; Technician; and Certified Trainer.

e-Hazard courses are approved for continuing education credit by many state electrical boards and other organizations.  To see if your licensing board or certifying body accepts e-Hazard course credits, check and find the course that interests you.

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Where We’ve Been… 

Hugh Hoagland of e-Hazard with Lanny Floyd of DuPont and Tim Rohrer of Exiscan at the 28th Annual IMC Conference in Bonita Springs, FL.
Hoagland presented a workshop on Arc Flash Research Update:
Application for Meeting NFPA 70E.

IEEE IAS 2014 Electrical Safety Workshop

Come see us in San Diego for ESW 2014!

e-Hazard team members will be on hand to answer questions and give out information about our services. Don’t miss out on awesome new giveaways to commemorate your visit to this premiere professional event.

ESW 2013 Booth
e-Hazard ESW Booth 2013

Attended by the most influential people in the industry, this five-day workshop features experts presenting the latest in electrical safety technology and practices. Hugh Hoagland, Senior Partner of e-Hazard and Organizing Committee Chair of the 2015 Electrical Safety Workshop in Louisville, KY, will present two papers at the workshop. One is focused on “Arc Flash Testing Update: Effect of Arc Electrode Geometry and Distance on Cotton Shirt Ignition.” The other paper by Hoagland is “Using ASTM F2677 Standard Specification for Electrically Insulating Aprons.”

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