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Upcoming Classes

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NFPA 70E 2012 Electrical Safety in the Workplace 


  NFPA 70E-2012 CLASSES 


Greensboro, NC 

February 15, 2013


Seattle, WA

February 18, 2013


Sacramento, CA

February 26, 2013


Reno, NV

February 26, 2013


Louisville, KY

March 4, 2013


Deerfield, IL

March 5, 2013


Wichita, KS

March 19, 2013 


Decatur, AL

March 26, 2013


Wilmington, DE

March 26, 2013


Seattle, WA

April 2, 2013


Evansville, IN

April 25, 2013


Ft Wayne, IN

April 9, 2013


Knoxville, TN

April 24, 2013


Greensboro, NC

May 10, 2013

Cincinnati, OH

May 13, 2013


Orlando, FL

May 21, 2013



June 4, 2013


Reno, NV

August 13, 2013


Evansville, IN

September 12, 2013


Louisville, KY

September 23, 2013


Deerfield, IL

September 24, 2013


Cincinnati, OH

October 14, 2013


Greensboro, NC

October 25, 2013


Billings, MT

October 29, 2013





Seattle, WA

February 19, 2013


Louisville, KY

March 5, 2013


Louisville, KY

September 24, 2013


Billings, MT

October 30, 2013





Seattle, WA

February 18-21, 2013


Sacramento, CA (LV)

February 26-27, 2013


Louisville, KY

March 4-7, 2013


Louisville, KY

September 23-26, 2013





Cincinnati, OH

May 14, 2013


Cincinnati, OH

October 14, 2013





Cincinnati, OH

May 14 – May 15, 2013


Cincinnati, OH

Oct 14 – Oct 15, 2013





Click here to view e-Hazard training calendar. 





2013 IEEE Expo

 IEEE ESW 2010

IEEE IAS 2013 Electrical Safety Workshop

Anatole Hilton Hotel

Dallas, TX

March 11-15, 2013

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Updated 2013 Classes
LV Book Cover 
Over 350 trainers have been through the Low Voltage (LV) and High Voltage (HV) Train the Trainer course with e-Hazard, and are qualified to teach using e-Hazard materials.  More trainers use e-Hazard training materials than all our competitors combined. 
Come to an open-registration class or attend our  Train the Trainer course and experience the e-Hazard difference.  Competitors welcome.
 Low Voltage
Low Voltage Refresher
 High Voltage 
High Voltage Refresher
LV & HV Train the Trainer
 Operator’s Class
OSHA 10 Hour
We also schedule on-site custom  classes at your place of employment.  E-Hazard can design a training program around your company’s unique electric safety program needs. We’ve designed specific training for several industries around the country and around the world including petrochemical, waste management, welding, automotive, communications, military, metals and much more.
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Dear ArcLetter Member,


The New Year is upon us and that brings lots of new opportunities and exciting activities to share with you!   

As many people set goals for 2013, we aim to strengthen our constant goal of providing  training, education and resources to ensure our mission to
“help people who work around electricity go home safely to their families.”

Each test we do and new resource we provide is created with YOU in mind. Providing the best, most current electrical safety resources is all about offering peace of mind so you can concentrate on your goals for the New Year and years to come.  


Here is to a prosperous and safe 2013!  

Fines by OSHA on Electrical Hazards


Most citations include electrical hazards.


OSHA Logo  



View the citations and our commentary.  


Burn Up the Myth: Operating Breakers

Q:“(Are) operating breakers – opened/closed considered an arc flash evolution if they are properly designed and maintained?”


Get the answer in the rest of the Operating Breakers article by e-Hazard team member, Al Havens.      


  Contact us for any questions. 

What does it take to be “qualified“?
Burning Question

Our trainers are often asked the question, Will my electricians be Qualified if they attend e-Hazard’s Low Voltage Qualified course?” 
Answer: They may become qualified if they attend the course.  According to OSHA and NFPA 70E® they need the following to be considered “qualified”.
  1. They need to demonstrate they have the skills to do the work they are to do.
  2. They need to demonstrate they have the knowledge to do the work they are to do.
  3. They need to have received safety training to recognize and avoid the hazards involved.

For more details, read the rest of this article by by e-Hazard team member, Al Havens

New Team Member:  Cricket Hater

We are very pleased to announce the addition of Cricket Hater as our newest team member. Cricket will be working with our Marketing team as a copywriter. Cricket has a Bachelor of Arts in Social Services from Asbury University. 



Her work background includes social services with an emphasis on workforce development and communications. Additionally, Cricket has been a project manager, teacher and most recently a consultant doing small event planning and communications for non-profit and small business.  

The results are in…

December Survey Results  


Does your company have a documented preventative maintenance program for electrical devices? 

  • Does it follow NFPA 70B?
  • Does it follow NETA-MTS 2011?
  • Do you test, clean, and calibrate main  breakers at least every 3-5 years?

Electrical Safety News

Worker critically injured in Bensalem electrical explosion
01-28-2013 15:30:25 PM

IEEE C2-2012™, The 2012 National Electrical Safety Code® (NESC®) in PDF format! 
01-25-2013 09:59:30 AM

OSHA cites Waco, Texas, battery manufacturer with 8 serious health violations 
01-16-2013 18:37:35 PM

British Utility Pays Heavy Fine in Arc Flash Fatality  01-11-2013 09:20:05 AM

OSHA Announces Final Rule Date for 1910.269, Construction Corrollary and PPE tweaks to General Industry Standards for Electrical Workers Due out March 2013
 01-09-2013 15:34:02 PM

OSHA cites Fiberglass Structures Inc. with 12 safety violations for exposing Laurel, Mont., workers to hazards
01-09-2013 09:27:46 AM

OSHA cites Lowe’s Home Centers Inc. in Killeen, Texas, for exposing workers to electrical, other safety hazards
01-08-2013 10:29:05 AM

Council reprimanded over employee’s electric shock 
01-08-2013 10:27:58 AM


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Arc Flash Training Forum

Join our Arc Flash Training Forum for online discussions regarding arc flash and electrical safety, arc flash studies, standards and code, and much more. Our instructors will continue to be involved in other forums but wanted to provide a focused place focused on arc flash training.  This will be an excellent resource for our trainers who have been through the four day intensive Train the Trainer and others seeking answers on arc flash and electrical safety. 

Arc Flash Forum  

NDSC Pre-Conference Training 

Hugh Hoagland will be instructing at the North Dakota Safety Council Conference on February 4, 2013, in Bismarck, ND. The 8-hour pre-conference course will be Low Voltage Qualified. The actual conference is scheduled for February 5-7, 2013, at the Bismarck Civic Center.


Find out more from the NDSC conference brochure. 



Changes to the NFPA 70E

NFPA 70E 2012 Electrical Safety in the Workplace NFPA 70E requirements for safe work practices protect personnel by reducing exposure to major electrical hazards.


See changes made to the document information page for NFPA 70E, Standard for Electrical Safety in the Workplace.  


ArcWear™ Arc Testing Dates

ASTM F1959, ASTM F2178, ASTM F887 Fall Protection arc testing and mannequin testing are scheduled at the Kinectrics Lab in Toronto on the dates below.


ArcWear™ Testing 2013

Feb. 18-23
Mar 25-29
Apr 22-26
May 27-30
June 24-28
July 22-26
Aug 19-23
Sept 16-20 

We must receive materials or clothing one week before

the test date for sample preparation. Otherwise, call to make arrangements to ship to the lab in Canada.
New and non-US/Canadian
Customers must make payment before test date.  Testing is offered on a first come/first served basis with priority for consulting customers.

Slow motion face shield test in arc flash by e-Hazard 
Slow motion face shield test in arc flash by e-Hazard


  • $100 per material for prep/washingand cutting panels; ($200 for items arriving less than 7 days before test date to cover preparation overtime)
  • $200 for shipping a signed hard-copy report internationally




 No guarantee is made of when testing will occur; we do all in our power to test within one month of receipt.   


All testing is performed at Kinectrics High Current lab in Toronto, Canada.  Kinectrics is an ISO 17025 accredited lab by the Standards Council of Canada.

Ship materials or clothing to:   
Hugh Hoagland 
13113 Eastpoint Park Blvd., Suite E 
Louisville, KY 40223 
PH: 502-333-0510  


View our Arc Test Data.
Get details on past Arc Flash Articles.

NFPA 2112: Standard on Flame-Resistant Garments for Protection of Industrial Personnel Against Flash Fire


See Reference: and of the NFPA 2112 regarding the testing of multiple and separable layers of specimen garments. 




See full document…   

Westex New Interactive Book

One of the industry’s leaders in Flame Resistant fabrics, Westex, has put together the “ultimate resource” for proWestex e-bookprofessionals who want to begin or manage a protective clothing program.  


Take a look at this interactive tool that will make all the difference as you learn about fabric choice, hazard assessment and the five steps for successful program implementation.  


Using video, interactive graphics and the latest information, our new interactive book, “The Safety is in the Fabric”, explains:

  • Arc flash and flash fire hazards
  • Relevant safety standards
  • Best practices for flame-resistant clothing management
Get your free copy now and learn how to maximize worker protection. 


Train the Trainer Class
E-Hazard offers ‘Train the Trainer‘ courses several times per year.  This 3-or-4 day intensive training program is designed to prepare qualified trainers to deliver instruction to others based on NFPA 70E and OSHA requirements. e-Hazard started this training to “raise the bar” in the electrical industry.  While we offer many qualified trainers, we also provide training materials and and coaching so you can develop in-house expertise without “breaking the bank”. See what over 400 other trainers are saying about the e-Hazard TTT class and our materials.


  UpFuse usedcoming TTT classes:

 February 18th – 21st 

  Seattle, WA

February 26 – 27 Sacrament, CA   

(Low Voltage only)

March 4th – 7th

 Louisville, KY


Easy Power acquires ESA’s Operating Business

ESA International LLC, the developer of the EasyPower® software suite has announced that it entered into an Asset Purchase Agreement for EasyPower LLC to acquire all the assets of ESA’s operating business effective January 1, 2013. Customers should see no interruption of service or support during this transition period. 

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ArcWear Video Highlight

Demonstration of HS 20kA Arc in 100A Disconnect 15 Cycles 
Demonstration of HS 20kA Arc in 100A Disconnect 15 Cycles

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Hugh Hoagland

13113 Eastpoint Park Blvd. Suite E
Louisville, KY 40223
Office: 502-333-0510

Hugh Hoagland
About author:
Hugh Hoagland is the foremost tester of clothing and PPE exposed to electrical arcs and is an arc flash expert. Read more about Hugh.

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