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October 2013

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Q&A with e-Hazard/ArcWear: Hard Hat Stickers

Burning Question

Q.  Many of our customers require stickers on their hard hats to signify safety training compliance at their facility. At a recent safety training meeting, a question about these stickers came up. Are there any specific regulations that cover this issue? As related to arc flash, do stickers pose a significant hazard?  


A.  Good question. Basically, OSHA doesn’t like the idea but leaves it up to the employer to prove there was no damage to the hard hat. One or two stickers on a hard hat most likely won’t hurt anything. Arc testing, as well as dielectric testing, has shown no negative effects on non-electrically conductive stickers (paper or polymers).


Hardhat Squeeze Test Animated
Hardhat Squeeze Test (Animated)

Limit the stickers and do the squeeze test regularly on your hats (see the video on the right).  When you squeeze the hard hat from the side there should be no sound, no crackle. Replace them as required and they should be fine.     


Our colleague Dwayne Towles of Advanced Safety and Health provides some valuable information on his blog regarding this topic. He cites an article from Bullard on sticker placement which is very helpful.  


Hugh Hoagland


For more information see these related websites:
OSHA Standard Interpretations on Adhesive Stickers

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NFPA Issues Two TIAs To The 2112 Flash Fire Clothing Standard 


Did you know?


The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) has issued two tentative interim amendments (TIA) this year to NFPA 2112 Standard on Flame-Resistant Garments for Protection of Industrial Personnel against Flash Fire.
The first TIA (12-1, issued March 7, 2013 and effective March 27, 2013) addresses the testing of garments with multiple and separable layers. The document now states that if the flame-resistant garment has multiple layers intended to be worn separately, the outer layer itself must be tested, and the inner layer(s) must be tested separately for compliance. It also addresses multiple layer FR garments intended to be worn together as one garment; in this case, only the outer layer of the garment has to be tested.

The second TIA (12-2, issued August 1, 2013 and effective August 20, 2013) clarifies differences between “interlining” and “cold weather insulation material” and addresses the testing required for cold weather insulation materials.


Read the full article…  

Bug Spray Use and FR Clothing

We recently received a question about the use of bug spray on FR clothing in areas null where bugs and other pests might be a factor in the workplace. Many work sites are located in areas where bugs can be a nuisance, especially when wearing hot or cumbersome PPE. The use of these repellents largely depends on the type and amount of spray used by the wearer. 


Our recommendation is to use a water-based permethrin on the clothing and use DEET wipes on the areas of skin which are exposed. This gives the most effective protection with little risk of hydrocarbon loading.  


For more information and recommendations, check out this article from a previous e-newsletter.


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High Voltage Qualified – Details

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IEEE IAS 2014 Electrical Safety Workshop

ESW logo IEEE IAS 2014 Electrical Safety Workshop

Sheraton San Diego Hotel & Marina, San Diego, CA

February 4-7, 2014

The Electrical Safety Workshop (ESW) is ideal for the electrical safety professional with a passion for preventing electrical injuries in the workplace. Attended by the most influential people in the industry, ESW features experts presenting the latest in electrical safety technology and practices. Attendees have the opportunity to learn the latest on the development and implementation of electrical safety standards, network with electrical safety experts and discuss solutions with industry-leading suppliers of products and services related to electrical safety.

The workshop is an international event with participants from countries all around the world, all with the goal of changing the culture of electrical safety.


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Training and Testing Needs

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This 3- or 4- day training program is designed to prepare qualified trainers to deliver instruction to others based on NFPA 70E and OSHA requirements.

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Arc Flash Testing for Protective Apparel

Winter Work Jacket - Arc Flash Test
Winter Work Jacket
Arc Flash Test


Dates 2013

Oct 28-Nov 1

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Product Review: PGI Cobra™ Hoods

PGI Cobra Hoods Announces New High Performance Hood Fabric for Arc and Flame Resistance.

Cobra Hood


Learn about Para-Tek™ FR, the Tri-Blend fabric that  leverages the benefits of three fibers to create a lightweight, breathable hood offering flame and heat resistance at the highest arc rating.


Para-Tek FR is inherently flame resistant and complies with the current edition of NFPA 70E. Get the details about this  

long- lasting, comfortable hood fabric technology. 

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October 9, 2013
Workshop topics include:
Power Factor, Global Energy
and Sustainability.

November 12, 2013
9 a.m. – 4 p.m. EST
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Webinar: Update on OSHA Electrical Safety Regulations

OSHA is changing the regulations from the 1910.269, 1926, and 1910.300 series affecting utilities, construction, and general industry. This webinar with Hugh Hoagland will review these changes and their impact on companies in these industries.

DATE: December 4, 2013
TIME: 2:00 p.m. EDT – 1:00 p.m. CDT – 11:00 a.m. PDT

IMC-2013 28th International Maintenance Conference


December 10 – 13, 2013
Hyatt Regency Coconut Point Resort
Bonita Springs, Florida

IMC-2013 is an extraordinary learning and networking event brought to you by the same team that produces Uptime® Magazine and  It features over 800 maintenance reliability leaders from over 30 countries.

As part of the Reliability-Centered SAP PM Forum 2013, Hugh Hoagland of e-Hazard will be presenting Arc Flash Research Update: Practical Application for Meeting NFPA 70E.

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