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The effect of specific mining industry contaminants on protective properties of arc rated flame resistant fabric is described in this report.  Contaminants used in the study were a 1% saline solution to simulate body sweat, diesel fuel (to represent lighter hydrocarbons such as gasoline and other lighter fuel oils), dry lime, nickel dust palladium dust, sodium hydroxide slurry, carbon black dust, dry and wet cement, a flocculent slime, hydraulic fluid (hydraulic jack oil) and transformer oil.  Reduction in protective properties of arc rated FR clothing was observed for wet contaminations. Dry contaminants have less of an affect and some improved the protections level. Conductivity of the cloth was also measured using a high voltage meg-ohmmeter. These readings were performed with and without contaminants applied.

Click here to link to the IEEEXplore Digital Library to access the full text of the ArcWear testing report.


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