Unauthorized Firefighter PPE Distributed in Korea

 Thousands of inadequate firefighter PPE were given to Korean firefighters two years ago. Until recently, the PPE were still being used in the front lines. Approximately 5,300 suits did not pass the quality inspection test.  Yet the Korea Fire Institute had put their stamp of approval on them as having passed. How these suits passed […]

Overhead Power Line Accident Injures Worker

In October 2014, a farm worker was critically injured when the auger boom on his tractor contacted overhead power lines. The worker, 24 years old, grabbed a fire extinguisher and jumped over the trailer hitch on the tractor to respond to a fire started by the electrical arcing. He was thrown backward by the electrical […]

Electrician and Company Fined over Teen Employee’s Death

Having a formal electrical safety policy in place and following through with it are necessary steps in preventing tragic deaths such as the one that occurred in Bunbury, Western Australia, back in 2013. This year the judge ruled the qualified electrician’s actions as  “careless” and that he made “erroneous decisions” during the job where 18-year-old […]