Electrical Deaths Since August Spur MSHA to Issue Safety Alert

electric shock symbol

The Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) has put out a safety alert based on recent electrocutions in the mining industry. Three fatalities by electrocution have occurred since August 7, 2019. The latest incident happened on September 17, 2019. Two occurred in West Virginia and one in Louisiana. An electrician contacted an energized component of […]

Scholarship Available for College Students Enrolled in Health and Safety Track

Do you know a student enrolled in a major geared toward safety and health? If you do, let him or her know of an ISEA scholarship that is now taking applications. ISEA stands for International Safety Equipment Association. The Daniel K. Shipp Scholarship awards $2500 to a student who meets the requirements of the scholarship. This […]

Hierarchy-of-Controls Approach to Workplace Hazards

The Hierarchy of Controls in the NFPA 70E is no longer an informational note. As per the 2018 70E, the Hierarchy of Controls can now be found in 110.1(H)(3). Most, if not all, of you know this already. Most of you know, as well, that wherever there is voltage, there is also the potential for […]

Fuyao Glass America Receives Its Largest Proposed OSHA Fine

Fuyao Glass America, Inc., of Moraine, OH, received a proposed fine from OSHA totaling $724,380. The company received both serious and repeat violations this year. The violations include failing to train employees on lockout/tag out and exposing employees to electrical safety hazards. Repeat violations include the following: Failing to develop, document, and implement lockout/tagout procedures; […]

What Can Happen When Your Rubber Glove Gets Punctured

rubber insulated gloves

A worker suffered an electrical shock injury after his rubber insulating glove was punctured while he was working. As he reached down to pick up a fallen plastic cover, his glove caught on a sharp edge of a control transformer. The pinhole created by the sharp metal allowed 1000 volts to pass through his wrist. […]