Arc Flash Minute: Can I Use Lysol Spray to Disinfect Arc Flash Hoods?

The video above gives guidance on using alcohol-based disinfecting sprays on flame resistant fabric elements in arc rated PPE. This information is a PSA in the viral pandemic of COVID-19. Read our article on sharing, cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting arc flash PPE on the our Blog

“Tuck, Button, & Roll” Explained

red background with burning question

Q: We understand that OSHA 1910.269 recommends and NFPA 70E requires Arc-Rated shirts to be tucked in. We are an electric utility cooperative. If an AR (Flame Resistant, Arc-Rated) t-shirt is worn that matches the hazard and the AR t-shirt is tucked in and an outer AR shirt is also worn, primarily for warmth, does […]

Can I Wear an N95 or Other Respirator in an Arc Flash Exposure?

***NOTE: e-Hazard and ArcWear do not sell PPE.  ArcWear does testing and e-Hazard does electrical safety training on NFPA 70E and OSHA standards.  We are not recommending a course of action.  We are providing information in an international crisis in which essential workers have to work but must stay safe from multiple hazards.*** Are there […]

Is It OK to Share Arc Flash and Electrical PPE?

Quick Answer- Get each of your employees their own or disinfect and sanitize regularly. Disclosure: Neither e-Hazard nor ArcWear sells arc flash PPE.  We are a training company and a test lab. In our last NFPA 70E Train the Trainer class before things were shut down for COVID-19, we had a trainer who asked a […]

Could This Smart Fabric Enhance Electrical Safety?

Could a small patch of this fabric on an electrical worker’s t-shirt be used to detect heat stress, an electrical shock or a possible heart attack? Could it then notify fellow workers? It’s possible this could help enhance worker electrical safety and even detect and report a possible shock via a smartphone app. Read about […]