OSHA Citations against Jersey City Medical Center Upheld

An administrative law judge (ALJ) with the OSHA Review Commission affirmed all citations given to Jersey City Medical Center in 2016. In 2016, OSHA investigated and subsequently issued one willful and four serious safety violations. They also proposed $174,593 in penalties. Both the citations and penalties were affirmed by the ALJ this year. While the […]

Safety Concerns Surround an Apparent Electrocution in Ohio

Ohio investigators found safety concerns within a week of a worker’s fatal injury. Last week, a worker in a bucket truck at the Hawaiian Terrace apartment complex in Mount Airy suffered an injury while working on a power line. He subsequently died from those injuries. He had been working alone. Emergency crews responded to calls reporting unusual […]

OSHA’s Top Ten Violations of 2018

OSHA’s latest Top Ten list differs from the previous year in that one often-recurring problem area didn’t make it to the Top Ten: Electrical – Wiring Methods (1910.305). However, Lockout/Tagout continues to make the list and is still in the same position it was last year, #5. The #10 most-cited standard is a newcomer to […]

Fire Fighting Help for Arc Flash and Fires in Underground Vaults

The dangers of a potential arc flash or arc blast occurring during a fire make the job of fire fighting that much more hazardous. Put that situation in an underground vault or a commercial building with 3-phase power, and the dangers increase. Some stations may have plans already established that include emergency response in underground […]

OSHA Letter of Interpretation Seeks to Clarify “Continuous Industrial Process”

An OSHA Letter of Interpretation explains the term “continuous industrial process.” We often get questions in the e-Hazard office about allowances to perform “hot work”, aka “energized electrical work.”  I’ve heard just about all of the excuses, and I always give the same answer. 99% of the time, energized electrical work is NOT authorized. Mind […]