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Ken Sellars is an instructor of electrical safety, NEC, Grounding/Bonding and Arc Flash Safety courses nationwide. Read more about Ken.

by , on October 15, 2018
The dangers of a potential arc flash or arc blast occurring during a fire make the job of fire fighting that much more hazardous. Put that situation in an underground vault or a commercial building with 3-phase power, and the dangers increase. Some stations may have plans already established that include emergency response in underground...
by , on September 10, 2018
An OSHA Letter of Interpretation explains the term “continuous industrial process.” We often get questions in the e-Hazard office about allowances to perform “hot work”, aka “energized electrical work.”  I’ve heard just about all of the excuses, and I always give the same answer. 99% of the time, energized electrical work is NOT authorized. Mind...
by , on August 29, 2018
arc flash certification
Sorry, you can’t. There is no such thing as arc flash certification. We sometimes get questions from  electrical contractors who have been told that their company must be arc-flash certified. I have to explain to the contractors that there is really no such thing as “certification” for a company in arc flash. Yet the companies...
by , on August 23, 2018
red background with burning question
A frequently asked question often relates to what constitutes a qualified electrical worker. Let’s begin with a basic definition of the word qualified: Referencing, “qualified” means several things. Here are two definitions: a. having the qualities, accomplishments, etc.,that fit a person for some function, office, or the like b. having the qualities, accomplishments, etc., required by...
by , on July 23, 2018
Two different brands of safety switches, Eaton and Square D, have been recalled. Eaton Heavy Duty 30A and 60A Safety Switches. The safety switch can potentially supply power when the handle is in the “off” position, subjecting the operator of the switch or any downstream equipment to risk of serious bodily injury or death. If...