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Zarheer Jooma
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A registered Professional Electrical Engineer, Zarheer brings a unique perspective to the classroom having helped develop SANS 724—the South African National Standard for Protective Equipment against the Thermal Hazards of an Electrical Arc. Read more about Zarheer.

by , on November 19, 2018
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Is there an OSHA standard that mandates extension cords cannot be plugged into each other? We had a client once comment: “I have been reading about plugging extension cords. I want to make sure when I go on one of our sites and say, ‘You can’t plug one cord into another’ that I can give...
by , on November 15, 2018
As more data centers emerge around the country, we are presented with more opportunities to learn lessons about arc flash. “An energy-intensive data center requires multiple high capacity sources to function. When there is a failure, the arc flash energies are also notably greater when compared to small industrial  networks.” So begins a recently published article...
by , on June 14, 2018
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Q: I hear about grounding and bonding being so important in my plant’s electrical system. I am not from an electrical background. Can you explain why this is significant? A: The importance of grounding and bonding involves worker safety, equipment safety (protective device operation), and lightning protection. In order to control anything, you will have...
by , on March 27, 2018
three workers discussing job planning in manufacturing facility
Five elements that will launch electrical safety hazard reduction in your company are featured in a recent article in Facility Safety Management. It is possible to accomplish these in a relatively short amount of time. Determining qualifications of the electrical worker Providing appropriate electrical safety training Incorporating an electrical safety program Following a job planning process...
by , on January 9, 2018
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Q: If you were working inside of a panel with high and low voltage, would it be allowable to have a shield installed to separate the two so that you could work on the low voltage equipment without needing to put on all of the arc flash and shock PPE? A: Electrical hazards are made...