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In Britain a new product has been on the rise in the world of PPE: Battery powered high visibility clothing, powered by what they call Fhoss Technology®.  This technology could make a big impact for worker visibility on an international level.  Equipped with a hidden battery pack, Fhoss ( the company behind the product ) claims that the product will not only last longer than traditional hi-vis clothing, but it will dramatically improve visibility.

The use of battery powered visibility will definitely work better in some work situations where retro-reflective trim alone does not work well (when lights are not shining on the worker directly).

In an interview with Telegraph’s Rebecca Burn-Callander, the founder of the company, Andrew Kimitri, states that the product was initially intended for use by doormen (security guards) at hotels, bars and nightclubs.

I’ve spent 20 years running hotels, bars and nightclubs. Doormen don’t tend to stand out; they look like anyone. I wanted to help distinguish the security personnel in case of an emergency. – Andrew Kimitri *

The product has been tested in ASTM F2621 for use in ASTM F1506 clothing and it performed well.   This means that these devices could be used for NFPA 70E, CSA Z462, OSHA 1910.269 and other uses.  The trim does not currently pass the oven shrink test in NFPA 2112, but this test has no correlation to body burn.  It did quite well in arc flash testing with no melting and dripping and with ignition.  Be sure to watch for this to enter the market.  Let them know if you have possible uses in your workplace.

FHoss Website

As you can see from this video from Fhoss, night visibility will be dramatically improved for workers.

The potential for saving lives with new technologies is a factor that we at e-Hazard love to work on.  We don’t sell PPE but we do market education for the end user and the manufacturers of PPE to get things that are needed into the marketplace.

Let us know your thoughts below.  Can you think of any uses?

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