Be Aware of Counterfeit PPE


Counterfeit and inferior personal protective equipment (PPE) is still making its way into UK workplaces.

Slingsby, a workplace equipment supplier, is letting people know that despite previous warnings, these products are still being distributed.  Some of the inferior products they’ve seen have been badly made while others are supported by falsified certifications.  Even with third party certification and legal requirements much more stringent than the US, this is still happening.

Proposed legislation would make PPE retailers and distributors accountable for the products they sell. This European PPE directive, if it passes, would require companies to keep records of their products, including proof that those products meet the required PPE standards.

The necessity of wearing PPE on the job site is to prevent injury and possible death due to electrical failure and/or arc flash. Slingsby’s marketing director stresses to businesses the importance of choosing the correct PPE that meet the standards ” because safety equipment that doesn’t perform can ultimately cost lives.”


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Elisa Sellars

Elisa Sellars

Elisa has a background in education and language. She writes for the e-Hazard blog and is the adult education consultant for Train the Trainer classes.

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