Cleaning and Using Hand Sanitizers on ASTM D120 Rubber Insulating Gloves (VR Gloves)

Background: Rubber insulating gloves, also called VR Gloves (voltage rated gloves) or RIGS (Rubber Insulated Gloves), are critical to shock protection which is the most common fatal hazard of electrical work.  They are typically made of a highly refined natural or synthetic latex rubber and are either solvent dipped or water solution dipped.  The solvent […]

Arc Flash Minute: Can I Use Lysol Spray to Disinfect Arc Flash Hoods?

red background with burning question

NEW INFO: After our testing to check on the flammability of this product it has come to our attention from NSA’s Will Vereen who called the Lysol company, that this is not a recommended use of their spray and the method we used on the bottle is not certified by the EPA to be effective […]