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An apprentice with a Canadian electrical contracting company was injured after an electrical explosion while on the job. Reports indicate the man was working on the conduit runs while being supervised by Rob La Butte of JF Industrial Services.  He was pulling a disconnect from the busbar when the explosion happened and a fire occurred knocking him back. He fell from the scissor-lift about 15 feet in the air. He suffered burns and other injuries. The Ontario court uncovered the electrical contracting company was not operating with an electrical contracting license pursuant to Regulation 570/05 (“Licensing of Electrical Contractors and Master Electricians”) under the Electricity Act. The company was issued a $25,000 fine for failing to hold the appropriate license.  Following CSA Z462 (basically the Canadian version of NFPA 70E would have required the worker to be a “qualified person” and to wear the proper PPE.  Most  likely this work should have ONLY been done in an electrically safe work condition.

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