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The case of an electrocuted worker from 2011 went to court where company owner, Roger Matthews is facing manslaughter charges. The charges stem from an accident where employee, Jason Morgan, 33, was electrocuted when he was working near cables energized to 11,000 volt power during the installation of safety netting on a steel-framed barn extension.

In addition to Mr. Matthews’ charge, his company, Matthew Plant Hire Ltd. faces additional charges related to their failure in fulfilling their duty to protect people from risks while on the job.

An inquest into the death of Mr. Morgan was held in February 2014 where details about the accident were given. Jurors heard where Morgan was found at the base of an aluminum ladder in full cardiac arrest after having fallen from the top of the barn where he was working. Evidence from the accident investigation show the case of death as cardiac arrhythmia from electrocution. This occurred after Mr. Morgan came into contact with a nearby cable approximately under two metres away from the steel structure where he was working.Reports indicate the postmortem examination showed an electrical entry burn on the left forearm of the victim as well as the appearance of an exit wound on the left middle toe.

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