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A small electrical fire near the Milwaukee County Courthouse Saturday afternoon, July 6th caused a power outage at the Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Office Communications Center. The Milwaukee County Courthouse and Safety Building will be CLOSED on Monday and Tuesday, July 8th and 9th following a weekend electrical fire. This will affect thousands of individuals who work and are scheduled for court in the building.

Upon responding to the fire on Saturday, July 6, the Milwaukee Fire Department found an underground control vault burning in the control panels.

“Obviously, this will prompt a redo of a lot of the electrical in this building. Some of the equipment is a little older than it should be. In the last two years, we’ve spent a lot of time trying to catch up and modernize, and we’re getting to things as fast as we can,” says Chris Adele, Milwaukee County Executive.

Always grateful when no workers are involved.  Proper installation and maintenance will usually help avoid these.  Install with a quality electrical contractor using the NEC NFPA 70 following NFPA 70E safety rules and maintain using NFPA 70B or NETA MTS Standard. NFPA and e-Hazard both provide electrical safety using NFPA 70E and other training on using the NFPA codes.  Choose the classes which meet your needs.

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