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e-Hazard electrical safety training is now being offered in South America.

We’re happy to make this announcement. We believe the classes provided for students will help keep electrical workers safe.

The first successfully completed course took place in October and November of this year, the first to award credit for a course that focused on NFPA 70E and OSHA standards. Classes convened at the University of Santiago de Chile through their Electrical Engineering Department.

Class Details

According to Cesar Muñoz Chacón, the developer of the course and lead instructor, the topics offered in this safety course covered areas related to electrical engineering and power systems, high voltage laboratories, flammability tests, electrical accident rescue, fire protection, and others.

Cesar himself taught the e-Hazard portion of the course. Other instructors from the university instructed different segments in the course. The teaching team consisted of electrical engineers, electric safety advisers, nurse and rescue personnel in electrical accidents, and firefighters.

This course was offered in “closed mode”, so only students from Colbún S.A., one of the largest electric generation companies in Chile, attended. The student group consisted of electrical engineers, technicians, and safety and occupational health advisors. Within two months, each student participated in 90 hours of instruction, both online and in the classroom. The students also took part in several hands-on activities.

Students received continuing education credits for attending and participating in this course. These credits are in high demand within the industry in Chile, as they constitute improvement courses focusing on electrical safety. Cesar says, “Electrical safety [is] a topic that has taken hold in Chile and Latin America. In Chile some requirements of the OSHA and NFPA 70E standards have been included in the new regulation.”

Cesar instructing in a classroom






Upon graduating, one student said, “For the area of ​​risk prevention since I come, it has been an opportunity to learn. He opened my eyes because there are things that one sees every day but now one analyzes them in greater depth.”

This attitude exemplifies what instructors like to see at the end of a class: that someone picked up on the information given and is willing to apply it in his or her own life.

Instructor Bio

Cesar currently teaches at the University of Santiago de Chile. He earned his Electrical Engineering degree from there as well.

Additionally, Cesar holds the CESCP certification related to NFPA 70E, obtained in Canada. He also has the NFPA 1041 certification (Fire Instructor), obtained at the Texas Fire School (TEEX). For more than one year he has taught courses for E-Hazard through MWG in Chile.

He says, “I am passionate about this work of instruction and consulting in electrical safety.”

Awesome job to Cesar and e-Hazard in Chile! We look forward to hearing more success stories.

Introduction Video

For an introduction to this new and exciting expansion (in Spanish only), check out the video on e-Hazard’s YouTube channel or watch it below.



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