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This is a great article highlighting the importance of safety in an entire organization.

Good quotes:

“The absence of injuries does not mean the presence of safety. You can have an organization with no injuries that’s very unsafe—and extremely lucky.”

“The goal in my mind should always be zero (injury and incident rate). We may never get there, but if the goal is not zero, what message are we communicating? That it’s OK to have accidents? It’s OK to have injuries? I don’t think that’s what we want.”

“A strong safety culture is one where people think not only is it a responsibility for me to speak up, it’s required of me to speak up, and I expect the same from you, my co-worker.”

“We make sure our employees understand they’re our most valuable asset, and we want a world class safety program to make sure they go home every day in the same condition they went to work in.”

“The vast majority of our injuries are caused by the tiny personal decisions employees make each day: to walk across the bad spot in the parking lot, or the weed-covered area, rather than recognizing the hazard and avoiding it.  Personal decisions are formed by the corporate culture that we’ve created and allowed at Dakota Electric.”

“Collectively we’ve been recognizing and celebrating our entire group of employees when we meet our safety goal each year.  What we’ve been missing is recognizing them on a more individual level when they do something right about safety, and our ACT (Achieving Cultural Transformation) process provides us with that mechanism.”

“Getting to zero can be a long process.  But when does it start? Whom does it start with? Somebody has to make that commitment and that’s why we’re pushing so hard, first with the CEOs.”

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