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Several electric incidents across the world:

2 young men from India were fatally shocked when the electric pump with which they were pumping water from a ditch malfunctioned.  Dated 10/9/12.

13-year-old student in Turkey died from electric shock after climbing an iron fence at school that was touching a nearby electric pole.  Dated 10/5/12.

32-year-old man from Austria suffered shock and burns when his aluminum ladder touched a high voltage electric line that ran over his garden.  Dated 10/8/12.

In Sydney, a 25-year-old man dies from electric shock while installing an a/c unit; a 29-year-old man was severely burned following shock from fitting meters to measure the load and output of green energy schemes.  Dated 10/5/12.

A tourist in China died after receiving an electric shock from a hotel bedside lamp.  Dated 9/30/12.


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