Lack of Grounding Caused Two Electrocution Deaths

A lack of grounding caused a bridge to become energized on the property of a water system plant site. In April 2019, two teens jumped into a canal in Dixon, CA, in order to rescue a dog that had fallen in. As they climbed out of the water, they grabbed one of the metal railings […]

NFPA 70E Workshops Cancelled Through May

In order to promote the safety and health of all involved, the workshops scheduled for April and May have been cancelled. As of this writing, those workshops are cancelled. The workshop in Toronto is still up in the air. Please continue to look here for future changes. Stay safe and healthy! Upcoming NFPA 70E Workshops: […]

Raising Electrical Safety Awareness in Developing Countries

Electrical Safety is Needed Globally Workers in North America and other developed areas employ some of the best electrical safety standards the industry has to offer. The general public in these same areas can access a lot of good information on staying safe around electricity. But those in developing countries need help becoming safer. An […]

Electrical Deaths Since August Spur MSHA to Issue Safety Alert

electric shock symbol

The Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) has put out a safety alert based on recent electrocutions in the mining industry. Three fatalities by electrocution have occurred since August 7, 2019. The latest incident happened on September 17, 2019. Two occurred in West Virginia and one in Louisiana. An electrician contacted an energized component of […]

Energized Guy Wire Causes Electrocution Incident

Two utility workers have died of electrocution because of an energized guy wire. In Orange County, New York, two workers were given the routine job of inspecting guy wires, the support lines that help support power poles. They had been contracted by Orange and Rockland Utilities. A news report described the work as “non-electrical maintenance” […]