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SCA (Sudden Cardiac Arrest) is not a heart attack (lack of blood), but rather involves the heart’s electrical impulses. CPR and AED (automated external defib) are needed when employees experience SCA in the workplace.  13% of workplace fatalities are due to SCA, with survival rates of only 1-5% if occuring outside of a hospital.     If trained employees are not able to procure an AED for use within the 1st 4 minute window, the chance of the victim’s survival decreases substantially.   NFPA 70E®-2012, Section 110.2(C) requires employees whose duties warrant such training to be regularly instructed in methods of first aid and approved methods of resuscitation.  Training in approved methods of resuscitation – CPR and AED use – must be certified by the employer on an annual basis.    Employees who are trained in CRP and AED use, and who have an AED available for use, can substantially improve the chance of survival of a fibrillation victim, whether the fibrillation is due to an electrical shock hazard or sudden cardiac arrest.

Click here to read the NEC article by Michael Fontaine.

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